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Richelle Mead’s Teaser Trailer Q&A

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The “Vampire Academy” Movie page hosted a Q&A with author Richelle Mead with fans sending in their questions about the teaser trailer.

Here is the Q&A (which was answered by the twitter page of VAOfficialMovie on behalf of Richelle Mead)

(We can’t find the question for the following two answers, but we suppose the question was about the costume designer for the film)

Richelle was kind enough to answer some more questions beyond the 30 minute mark

—– Q&A continued below —-

And then all good things really must come to an end!

You can read the Q&A in French over at Fans of Vampire Academy.

You can also watch the trailer here in full HD, on TWC’s YouTube channelย  … again and again and again!

What did you guys think of the Q&A? Did it help you in any doubts or would you have liked to have some other questions answered?

Until next time fangirls and fanboys!

[UPDATE] Vampire Academy Trailer Next Week!

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[UPDATE] August 12, 2013! The official Facebook and Twitter producer’s page for “Vampire Academy” just asked all fans to follow @WeinsteinFilms on twitter today because they will give us news about the teaser trailer tomorrow!

What do you think? Will we get the teaser trailer for “Vampire Academy” easily or will we have to work for it? Looks like we need to catch up on our beauty sleep, its going to be a long one tomorrow!

Yes! You heard that right! Our very own Zoey Deutch (Rose Hathaway) confirmed this on Twitter less than an hour ago, sending the VA fandom into fits of frenzy with ‘ASDFGHJKL’ posts! We were no different, hence why it has taken us nearly an hour to bring this HOT news to you!

The news of the trailer caused a lot of excitement amongst fans that they ended up trending #VampireAcademyTrailerNextWeek on Twitter!

VA trailer trend

The teaser trailer will be OUT next week! We don’t know when … but we will keep you updated!

In the meantime … you can make plans for your viewing party and reaction videos, go find your best camera angle and the best lighting in your room!

Also, check out these movie websites and go vote on will see and like respectively and get that VA Buzz going!

Vampire Academy on Movie Insider – http://www.movieinsider.com/m7604/blood-sisters/

Vampire Academy on IMDB – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1686821

Vampire Academy Trailer THIS MONTH!

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Okay, so The Weinstein Company (The U.S. distributor for the Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters feature film) have released some exciting new information.

twcAre you still there? Are you breathing?! @SAEnglard asked TWC about stills, and they replied that we “might just be getting a TRAILER”… THIS MONTH! And then stills to follow! How AWESOME is that?!

A trailer. This month. Imagine if it’s released when TMI comes out. My heart will explode, as I’m sure yours will too!
AND don’t forget the second chapter of The Fiery Heart will also be released sometime in August. Eeeeeek!!

An official Q&A with Richelle Mead

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The twitter account of @VAOfficialMovie, maintained by the US distributors, The Weinstein Company officially started functioning today, launching the marketing and promo for “Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters” by holding a live twitter Q&A session with author Richelle Mead. 14 questions were picked from submissions made on the official Facebook pages over the past few days! Here is the entire interview.

Question 1


Question 2


Question 3


Question 4

Question 5


Question 6


Question 7


Question 8


Question 9


Question 10


Question 11


Question 12


Question 13


Then … it was over!

And just when you thought it was over … BAM

Question 14 (I think it reads Q. 18 because they picked the 18th Q from their list)


And then we were really out of time –


Wow … what an amazing Q&A … our minds are blown, and now we shall read it over and over again while we wait for the release of the official movie poster later today … yes, you heard that right!