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Our Divergent Trailer Reactions!

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The theatrical trailer for the upcoming adaptation for Divergent released on November 13, 2013 and we for one reason or another, we couldn’t bring you our reactions – but fear not initiates, for here they are, better late than never we say!

Check out this trailer below :

And our reactions, excuse the fangirling that will ensue … but tread carefully, spoilers from the book ahead!


We start off with a picturesque view of sunrise over the field.

A shot of Mrs. Prior cutting Beatrice’s golden locks and tying her hair into an Abnegation bun – straight from the books, folks!


The skyline of a dystopian Chicago.


From the far side, Erudite (blue), Abnegation (grey), Candor (black and white) and Amity (red and yellow) initiates line up before the building. Where are the Dauntless in black you ask?


Why … the Dauntless are jumping out of the trains!


Seems like the Choosing Ceremony speech is being given by Jeanine Matthews in the film!


It may be the post-apocalyptic world, but it doesn’t mean that you forget to use fake eyelashes and mascara!

One of the simulations in which Tris wakes up – even though this was paired with her test simulation in the trailer, we are pretty sure it’s from another point in the film.


Tris, the first jumper, jumps right in!


And look who is waiting there to greet her!


We know Tris, we know, we would be in the same condition if we met Four.


Lets just address the fact that Four is a BOSS when it comes to training new initiates!


Bad Peter, very bad!


Do you feel the tingles?!


Tris sure does!


Tris volunteers for the knife-throwing!


And Four goes all out!


“I want to be Brave and Selfless and Intelligent and Honest and Kind.” *Melts and then dies*


Oh the Dauntless, if they aren’t leaping into or out of the trains, then they are hanging on to them!

Some scenes from the climax of the film.

The Dauntless headquarters has been so perfectly carved out from our imagination!




You guys, probably one of my favourite parts of the book!


and another favourite – the ziplining scene!

So tell us which were your favourite parts from the trailer and which scenes are you excited to see when the film comes out on March 21, 2014?

Also check out the official poster featuring Four and Tris below –


The colours, the tagline, the two leads and a view of dystopian Chicago – we can hardly wait!

20 days until Allegiant!

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The long-awaited conclusion to the Divergent series is coming in 20 days’ time. ‘Allegiant’ by Veronica Roth is sure to be epic, and with these teasers, how can we wait any longer?

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Excited, much?

But don’t worry, fangirls! This isn’t the end of the Divergent world. Short e-books in Four’s POV are already out with more to come, and the film adaptation of the first book, Divergent, hits cinemas in March.

To see our decoding of the trailer, please click here.
And if you haven’t seen the new featurettes for the movie, you can watch those below.

[A big thank you to who rounded up all the quotes!]

NEW: HQ Divergent Posters + Stills

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A few days ago, we showed you the posters of Divergent that were leaked and today we bring you those posters in high quality, released exclusively by Yahoo! Movies.

Don’t forget to check out the NEW character stills from the upcoming film below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Noticeably missing are stills of Shailene Woodley (Tris) and Kate Winslet (Jeanine Matthews), but you can see the following recently released featurette, which includes the two, (watch in HD).


You can also take a look at the previously released “faction” featurette below in HD.-



Divergent at SDCC!

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Hello fellow Divergent fangirls!

Here’s a little recap of the Divergent cast and panel from this past weekend’s San Diego Comic Con!
A lot of people weren’t able to keep up due to time zones and international broadcasting, and so voila… We have it all laid out for you!


There were the Entertainment Weekly interviews…


–          Ansel talking about playing Shailene’s brother in Divergent to playing her lover in TFIOS.

–          Theo discussing his new porno coming up… I know, girls. I know.

–          Veronica and her Mom have cameos!

You can find these interviews here:


And then there were the MTV interviews…


–          Miles. Miles is a funny guy.

–          Theo and Shai sitting so close.

–          The cast haven’t been told anything about Allegiant, the only person who knows anything is Neil.

–          The MTV ‘Geeks and Poseurs’ segment.

Watch MTV’s set visit here:


And then the panel…


–          Theo’s laugh

–          Theo’s face

–          Theo’s arms… I’m sorry, I’m getting carried away

–          Discussing what fears would appear in their own personal landscapes

–          Veronica says the fear landscape was a toss-up between crows and spiders, and her Mom said crows

Watch it here!

And then Hall H…


–          The footage! We saw the Ferris Wheel, lots of Fourtris, train jumping, knife-throwing… Unfortunately it is not available online, but we will let you know as soon as it is!

–          Veronica reveals that Allegiant will be in both Tris and Four’s perspectives! I died when I heard this.

Check out this Divergent Youtube channel for clips of Hall H!

Basically, it was pretty amazing. And there were lots of fangirling moments! I don’t think I’ve stopped screaming since.

What were your thoughts on our first public appearances of the Divergent cast?


Allegiant hits stores on October 22nd, and Divergent is due to come to theatres and IMAX on March 21st.