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Prepare for a “Full House” Reunion

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Yes, you read that right Full House fans, the cast of late 80s to 90s sitcom are reuniting for an advertisement to be played during the Superbowl game this Sunday. The advertisement is for Dannon’s Oikas Greek yoghurt and while John Stamos has appeared in many of their advertisements, here he will be reunited with his former Full House cast mates Bob Saget and Dave Coulier and together Uncle Jesse, Danny and Joey will be on your TV screens again! Check out the teaser below –

Here is another ad featuring the three of them where Uncle Jesse is up to no good!

The three real life friends appeared on “Good Morning America” this morning and talked about the upcoming commercial as well as their memories from the show. John Stamos said that he remembered his catchphrase “Have Mercy!” and Bob Saget talked about how he used the phrase “Ah Nuts!” that was used by the Olsen twins on the show. Dave Coulier talked about how the three still hang out together and only last week, the three friends visited Dave at his home and hung out in his backyard. John also showed off his easy to remove pants and underwear from the commercial.

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Later that night, the gang appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and performed a skit in which Danny had to comfort Jimmy (who took over the role usually played by one of the daughters on the show) who was upset about moving on to The Tonight Show. He was joined by Uncle Jesse and Joey who reenacted some of their famous acts like Jesse’s singing and Joey’s funny jokes. The skit referenced back to many of the shows most memorable moments such as Danny’s mention of “Good Morning San Francisco”, Jesse’s mentioning “Jesse and the Rippers” and singing a song as well as Joey bringing on that Popeye laugh. The cherry on the cake was the decor of the room which clearly takes us back to the girls’ rooms.

If that skit didn’t make you nostalgic, then you need to go re-watch the show. We wish the other stars could have come back for the reunion on the commercial, but more than that we wish they could all come together for a reunion episode. All of us are need that reunion … and we desperately also need a Friends reunion!

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Are you excited to watch the advert?

Sunday Night TV Preview

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Almost all our beloved shows are back and a few more return tonight (some spoilers ahead)!

Returning Shows

Once Upon A Time

The show returns with its fairytale run for a third season and promises to bring beloved characters such as Tinker Bell (Peter Pan) and Ariel (The Little Mermaid) to life on TV! Will you be returning for Season 3?


Lies, betrayal, revenge … all common place amongst the wealthy citizens of the Hamptons, who are back for more blood tonight with the Season 3 premiere! Will you be watching?


Carrie and Brody return for Season 3 of the thrilling spy drama and Claire Danes is fresh off her Emmy win! Will you tune in tonight? (Reminder – This show contains adult themes).

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey returned last week for Season 4, with the Crawley’s trying to move on after Matthew’s death. Episode 2 is on tonight, will you be watching?

(Promising) New Shows

Masters of Sex

This new show, set in the 1960s, stars Michael Sheen (Underworld) and Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls, True Blood), as Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, respectively, who were pioneer researches of human sexuality.  However, note that the show, which has been highly praised, contains adults themes, including nudity, lots of it, but it also stars cutie Nicholas D’Agosto (Heroes). Will you be watching?

A host of shows also return, including The Amazing Race, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, The Simpsons and a whole lot of Seth MacFarlane animated comedies! New on the block is Betrayal, which we are sure will be on the fast track to cancellation!

Tune back in a few days as we preview your favourite CW shows, premiering within the next two weeks!

Which shows will you be watching tonight?

Thursday Night TV Preview

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We are back and tonight we are talking about the shows returning and premiering on your TV screens (Spoilers from last season ahead)!

Returning Shows

The Big Bang Theory

At the end of last season, Leonard left for an expedition in the North Sea leaving Sheldon fretting and Raj got dumped but got over his selective mutism. Tonight, the gang returns for round 7 with two episodes. Will you be watching this highly rated show?

Grey’s Anatomy

We had a much ”calmer” finale for Season 9, except for the closing shot of Dr. Weber lying on the ground in the electrical room. The doctors return tonight with two episodes, saving lives and their relationships and considering that this season will be Sandra Oh’s (Dr. Cristina Yang) last, it will be interesting to see how things shape up. Will you return for Season 10?


The untimely death of Cory Monteith early this year left the Glee family terribly heartbroken. The show returns for Season 5 tonight with the first of the two part Beatles tribute episodes. The third episode, on October 10, 2013, titled “The Quarterback” will be a tribute to Finn Hudson and to Cory, the actor who played him. The fourth episode is titled “A Katy or A Gaga” and by the looks of it, will be an interesting one! Will you be tuning in this season?


Catch up with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Joan Watson in this contemporary, New York based retelling of the classic. The show returns for Season 2 tonight, will you be watching this or saving up your time for the BBC version due next year?

(Promising) New Shows

The Crazy Ones

Starring Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), James Wolk (Lone Star), Amanda Setton (Gossip Girl) and Hamish Linklater (The Newsroom), the sitcom follows the gang in an advertising firm with guest appearances including Kelly Clarskson and Josh Groban, playing themselves. Stellar cast and use of real world brand names, the show seems to be promising. You can watch the trailer below. Will you be tuning in?

The Michael. J. Fox Show

The new show has already earned positive reviews and a straight 22 episode order, so it is definitely here to stay. The comedy centers around Michael Henry, who decides to return to work after focusing on his health and family for five years. Check out a trailer below and decide for yourself if you would like to watch it.

Also premiering next week are comedies, The Millers, Welcome to the Family and Sean Saves the World. The Once Upon a Time spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, premieres in two weeks, on October 10, 2013.

Which shows will you be watching tonight?

Tuesday Television

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Our favourite shows are back, and some HOT new ones are on tonight!

Tuesday nights have a very new look. Take a look and then tell us which shows you’ll be watching!

Returning Shows


New Girl

The show returned for a third season last week, picking right where it left off, with Nick and Jess riding off, Schmidt avoiding a confrontation when asked to choose between Elizabeth (recent Emmy winner Merritt Wever) and Cece, who just called off her wedding, and Winston being Winston.

Will you be tuning in for the third encore?

Chicago Fire

Firefighters. Fighting. Fire. And Taylor Kinney (Uncle Mason on The Vampire Diaries).

Enough said. Will you be able to resist the second season?

Person of Interest

Jim Caviazel (Passion of the Christ) plays an ex-CIA officer and Michael Emerson (Ben on Lost) plays a mysterious billionaire. Shizz goes down! Catch up on the last two seasons and watch the third season of this highly rated show.

(Promising) New Shows

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This highly anticipated TV show picks off right after the events of last year’s The Avengers, resurrecting Agent Phil Coulson as he puts together a small team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to handle strange cases. This was created by Joss Whedon, enough reason to tune in!


This comedy stars Andy Samberg as a laid-back NYPD detective, who is told he must grow up and “respect the badge” by his new strict, by-the-book type boss played by Andre Braugher. The show made its debut last week, so be sure to catch up before tonight’s episode. Still not convinced, check out this funny trailer below!

Other returning shows include the two NCIS shows and The Mindy Project. Some other new shows include a whole lot of comedies called Dads (starring Seth Green), The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife (starring Malin Akerman) and a drama Lucky 7, none of which actually looked interesting to us! But let us know if you’ll be watching them!