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A “Vampire Academy” Movie Surprise!

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Last night, Twitter and fangirls exploded after @OfficialVAMovie tweeted asking fans to follow @WeinsteinFilms to get information about the movie trailer (due for release this week)!

However, as you can see … this led many fans to believe that the trailer would actually be released on August 13, 2013! Unfortunately, when we hear “Vampire Academy” and “Trailer” in the same tweet, we forget about the world and we start fangirling! Both @OfficialVAMovie and author @RichelleMead were quick to clear the confusion and now it seems that the trailer is not coming tonight, but some time later this week. However, the stuff happening tonight … is said to be equally awesome, and we are thinking it is perhaps related to the trailer. @OfficialVAMovie are telling us ”Prepare to Be Tested” and oh boy, we are screaming “Bring it On”!!

^^ Join the fangirling club OVAM!!

And as a reward because we have been preparing to be tested for so long, Richelle gave us a HOT snippet from the upcoming The Fiery Heart (out November 14, 2013)

Oh our Sydrian feels!!! Are you melting already?

Anyhoo … back to the trailer, folks! So, its Official folks, something BIG is happening tonight, related to the VA Movie … stay tuned, we will cover it … but go follow both @VAOfficialMovie and @WeinsteinFilms … the official twitter pages from the US distributors!

Waiting for The Fiery Heart, Chapter 1

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We’re getting ready for the reveal of the first chapter of The Fiery Heart over here at Fangirling Central.

In case you haven’t seen, or just wanted a little reminder, Penguin Teen Australia (@PenguinTeenAus on Twitter) recently posted non-spoiler tweets as they read the full book. To see the full compilation of these tweets, head over to their blog, here:

Here are their reactions to the first chapter, which we will read later today!

Chapter 1

Don’t start reading The Fiery Heart while drinking/eating. First sentence will cause you to spit-up! Pg 1

Gah, being in your head Adrian is a total swoon-fest! Pg 3

Phone fun times! Pg 6

Everyone’s favorite callistana: Hopper! Pg 8

The relationship between Adrian and Jill = best ever! Pg 11

Well that’s once way to behave Zoe Pg 13

Yeah Zoe, Sydney’s awesome- better recognise Pg 19

And BOOM! End of Chapter 1 and we’ve got a bombshell already. Pg 20

Bombshell?! Check their reactions in GIFs, too! This will be us in a few hours!

Okay, so 20 pages to come and it looks like it will drive us crazy! We will post the chapter later, but for the mean time, I think I need to go meditate or something!