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Your Guide To The Maze Runner Trailer Tonight!

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Another YA book is heading to the big screen! The first in James Dashner’s trilogy, the film adaptation of The Maze Runner releases worldwide on September 19, 2014 (find your country’s release date here) after it was pushed back from its initial date of February 14, 2014. The film was shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana over the Summer of 2013 and fans have had radio silence from the creative team as far as stills and trailers are concerned. Not anymore!

The first trailer makes its debut tonight during MTV’s Teen Wolf, which airs its third season finale tonight. Fans of Teen Wolf will surely recognize their beloved Stiles Stilinski in The Maze Runner as Dylan O’Brien plays the lead, Thomas, and is joined by other young up and comers. Check out their character stills below which were released last year to promote a Twitter chat with the cast.

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(*Note that the release date on these character cards is the older one)

The summary for the film reads as follows –

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, young Thomas is deposited in a community of boys after his memory is erased, soon learning they’re all trapped in a maze that will require him to join forces with fellow “runners” for a shot at escape.

As we gear up toward the trailer release, the Facebook page has started releasing a stream of new stills featuring the glade and the gladers, as well as the mysterious girl Teresa, who is transported into the boys only glade.

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The marketing team has also released a gif of Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) looking around the glade, trapped inside the four walls.

tumblr_n2g3lsjWsB1qh9nffo1_500(Tumblr: MTV)

If the above gif is anything to go by … the trailer is going to be SHUCKING EPIC and we can’t wait for it! Make sure you are subscribed to FOX’s YouTube channel to be watch the trailer the minute it is uploaded. Can’t wait? You betcha … the fate of Dylan O’Brien’s character on Teen Wolf added to the anticipation of watching The Maze Runner trailer for the first time – you guys, some one needs to hold me … SHIZZ is going down tonight! Oh and Oh … that is not it … check out the first poster for the film, which was also released today!


And if that is not enough to satisfy your thirst for the trailer tonight … check out the following stills from the film.

Also don’t forgot … you can be a part of WICKED (or rather W.C.K.D. for the film) and keep your eyes on the boys on this surveillance website.

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In the meantime – that is before the September release – catch up on your reading with The Maze Runner trilogy and its prequel. The books in the series and the order to read are – The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, The Kill Order.

What are your expectations for the trailer tonight? Do you think we will see the grievers or hear some of the Glade slang that I have come to use since reading the book? Well … whatever we see … I’m pretty sure we’ll be here fangirling … so don’t forget to check back tomorrow when we post our Trailer Reaction! Happy waiting Gladers!

Have you read The Maze Runner?

The Maze Runner: New Stills

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Well, this was a nice surprise!

Wes Ball, director of The Maze Runner, has just caused jaws to drop across the Glader community with a new still from the upcoming film.

And what’s that he adds? More to come soon? This wait for September might not be so painful after all.

Right, now let’s enlarge this and take a look.

Tom, Minho and Chuck

Oh my. I spy three of my fave Gladers! Any thoughts on what this scene could be?

We think it’s either:

  • Something to do with the walls
  • The box. Hi, Teresa!

Wes is posting new movie frames every week, so stay tuned! So far, this is our second. Did you catch the first?

Let us know what your initial reactions are to the first stills we’ve had from the adaptation! 🙂

The Maze Runner is based on the bestseller by James Dashner, and is due to be released in September. The film stars Teen Wolf hottie, Dylan O’Brien, as well as London-born Skins star Kaya Scoldelario.

Our fave shows return this week!

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We’ve already welcomed back The Big Bang Theory, Revenge and more last week. What else does January have in store for us fangirls?

Monday 6th January

Teen Wolf

Tuesday 7th January

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D

Pretty Little Liars


Wednesday 8th January

American Horror Story

Look out this month for The Originals, Reign, The Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead – all returning to our screens after their feels-filled mid-season finales! 

Horror-themed “Teen Wolf” Trailers hits the Web!

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Our favourite werewolves and werewolf hunters are back on January 6, 2014. If you caught the mid-season finale of Teen Wolf a few months ago, then you know that shizz has been going down and brewing up in Beacon Hills.

The trailers for Season 3B have been doing the rounds and they are nothing short of CREEPY!! The trailers use themes of horror, mystery and ominous foretelling to show us what is coming up next month! They also feature a song sung by a [creepy] little girl with the lyrics “Life is but a dream” playing out as the teasers end. All of them end with the tag line “Lose Your Mind”.

Stiles Stilinski’s teaser below shows images of bodies pressing onto a white curtain, a classroom full of students communicating with sign language and Stiles losing his mind on a football field with the lights glaring into his eyes as he shouts “WAKE UP”!

Scott McCall’s teaser below shows images of flies on a cadavar, him lying, bleeding on a table and Stiles and Lydia trying to wake up him up.

Allison Argent’s teaser below, is by far the creepiest and shows her entering a morgue with someone behind her (that someone looks like Allison herself) and as the lights go off, Allison walks toward an open drawer, through which she sees someone crawling up. Guys, I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight!

The complete trailer for the second half of the season is embedded below:

Now, the above trailer amps up the horror level in a way I didn’t think was possible, not after the character teasers posted above, and here are our reactions:


So someone is walking down a dark corridor, with water running all over the floor.


Lydia is trying to scream, but her lips are sealed shut.


Allison is petting a wolf like it’s her stuffed toy, but it does look a little lifeless!


Whose bloody hands are these?


Someone is trying very hard to wake up.


Who is Sheriff Stilinski trying to reassure with the “This isn’t you” line?


Guess what will be abundant in my nightmares tonight?


The person walking through the corridor has finally arrived in to a room with Scott, who also mutters the line “This isn’t you”.

8And BAM! The “You” is none other than Stiles! You guys, Stiles with bloody hands and blood around his mouth, who finally tells his reflection “This is you”.


Notably missing from the trailer is our favourite wolves, Isaac (Daniel Sharman) and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), who at the end of Season 3A, left town with his sister Cora, but we have a positive feeling that he’ll show up, and Isaac will still be around (hopefully not in a love triangle with Allison and Scott).

So what is going on you guys? Is this sleep-hypnosis-horror situation a direct result of the sleep journey that Scott, Stiles and Allison undertook at the end of Season 3A to save their loved ones, or is there something else at play in Beacon Hills!

It is clear from these trailers that everyone is losing their mind, as are we, because though January 6 is a little over a month away, we can hardly wait.

Total Eclipse of the Howl!

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*Spoiler’s Ahead*

Teen Wolf’s explosive and action packed mid-season finale bought resolutions to some stories while teasing at what is to come in the Winter season starting January 6, 2014.


The finale picked up where episode 11 had ended. Scott, Stiles and Allison found themselves in an empty room with the base of the Nemeton tree. The three see flashbacks from their past (the first episode, the night when Scott was bit by Peter) and we realise just how much the three are connected not just because of that incident, but also because they were all near the nemeton tree on that night.


When the three finally wake up, Deaton informs them that they were under for 16 hours, and the full moon would rise in 4!


We also find Cora helping Derek recover (Derek is no longer an alpha after he helped heal Cora) and Uncle Peter misses no opportunity to remind them all of the ominous events to come.

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So while Derek and Cora try to move out of harm’s way, the ultimate showdown occurs in his apartment, between Kali and Jennifer, the Darach, who manages to kill Kali, her former … boss, as well as snaps the neck of the twins in their wolf transformation (my heart snapped too when that happened! Poor Lydia, who was witnessing these events and then screamed her banshee scream which attracted Derek back to the loft!

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Elsewhere, Stiles suffers an accident (this episode really resulted in many skipped heartbeats) and Isaac and Allison look for the parents, all the while the real showdown of the night starts taking place with Deucalion and Scott facing of Jennifer and Derek (who basically is under a love spell – I’m joking – he takes Jennifer’s side because she promises him the Deucalion is the big bad wolf and will stop at nothing until he destroys everything!)

But of course, no one is a match for the ‘Demon Wolf’ … I suppose he really is the Big Bad Wolf!

Red Riding Hood – stay away!


The full moon only lasts so long, and the ensuing lunar eclipse gives the Darach her 15 minutes of fame – look, she even dressed up for her night!

Her first target is Deucalion but Derek tricks her into giving Deucalion his sight back so he can see with his eyes the damage his actions caused when Kali almost killed her. This drains her of her powers and she asks Derek to kill Deucalion and when he refuses, she starts attacking him – until – those 15 minutes of fame are up and the moon is back to powering the wolves!

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When Jennifer traps herself within a circle of mountain ash – Scott powers through (finally) and in the process becomes a true Alpha Wolf! Woot Woot! He tells Jennifer to stop the storm or else he would kill her, but before he can actually do so, Deucalion steps forward and slashes her throat!

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And would you believe it – all is well in Beacon Hills again, as Deaton has managed to save the twin wolves and storm subsides.

Even Stiles made it through his accident! Yippie!

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Allison convinces her father to train her in the arts by quoting something in French which dad-of-the-year Chris Argent repeats “We protect those who cannot protect themselves”.

The closing montage (featuring a voice-over by Scott) shows Derek and Cora packing up and leaving their apartment, Scott’s dad making an attempt to connect and Scott himself locating his friends in school!


  1. Where is Derek going and WHY does Scott think he many not come back?
  2. We know that Adelaine Kane (the actress who plays Cora) will be appearing as the lead in CW’s “Reign” as Mary, Queen of Scots this fall – what does that mean for her continued presence on Teen Wolf in the Winter season?
  3. So Isaac and Allison? poor Scott!
  4. The twins are here to stay!! We couldn’t be happier – but now that Lydia and Aiden are an item … what happens with Stiles and that kiss from episode 11?
  5. What kind of mischief is Scott’s dad going to create in Beacon Hills? And do we really need someone from law enforcement to be in out of the loop of the supernatural going ons in town?
  6. Do you think Deucalion will stay away? What happened to the other members of his alpha pack?
  7. What kind of creatures do you think will now be ‘attracted’ to visit Beacon Hills after the gang’s little experiment with death?
  8. Do you think the threat of the Darach is over? And what about the ‘threat of Uncle Peter? — Well, these questions we can actually answer now – so scroll below!

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Its not over until its over! Jennifer managed to crawl back to the nemeton tree base, hoping to heal once again from its powers as she had done in the past – but alas, who’s wolfy hand is that – none other than Uncle Peter – SHOCKER!

Well, we all knew Uncle Peter was up to no good – he never is! So what was he doing here? Just a little something for the audience’s benefit with Jennifer confirming his plans of how he intended to steal Scott’s alpha powers and become an alpha again – Uncle Peter took offense to this word, slashed Jennifer’s throat for a final time that night and scream into the empty night about how he has always been the alpha!

So really, a ton of speculation can come from this episode especially now that we can confirm that Uncle Peter has been evil all along and this just makes the wait until January 6, 2014 … that much more unbearable!

Teen Wolf Summer Finale Tonight!

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*Mild Spoilers Ahead*

The lunar eclipse is coming tonight and its going to take the powers away from our favourite werewolves!

The Teen Wolf mid-season summer finale airs tonight and it promises to be a fire-cracker!

Last week, the closing montage of the penultimate episode left us a juicy cliffhanger, with Allison, Stiles and Scott were getting an ice-cold death bath by Isaac, Lydia and Deaton respectively, while Derek lost his alpha powers trying to save his sister Cora, and Sheriff Stilenski, Mrs. McCall and Chris Argent were trapped by the Darach in the root cellar!

Here are some crazy (by which we mean “fangirling”) moments from episode 11 “Alpha Pact” –

argent 1

Super Dad Chris Argent packs in his weapons of mass Darach destruction! We love this bad ass dad and can’t help rooting for him!


This scene was so, so, so beautiful and powerful!

Dylan O’Brien and Holland Roden are not just gorgeous, they are brilliant actors.

Not to mention that the Stiles and Lydia kiss finally happened and it was so sweet!


Later, we found out that Chris Argent isn’t only about the muscles – he always has a plan, and this time, it involved giving himself up to the Darach and leaving Allison and Isaac in the bank locker to – well – get connected [This turns out to be important later]!

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Time is running out and Cora is getting weaker, so Peter being Peter, suggests this crazy plan to Derek telling him that it will save Cora but will result in Derek losing his alpha status. Derek did not hesitate, not even with Kali’s ultimatum around the corner. Something tells me Peter is going to benefit by Derek’s demotion to beta status!

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When Deaton came up with a plan that would help save their parents, Allison, Stiles and Scott jumped into the cold ice water bath without hesitation, even when Deaton explained that they would face death for 3 seconds and will have a permanent scar of darkness in their hearts! Further, their tether to this world, the person holding them under, must have enough of a connection with the ‘drownee’ to be able to bring them back! Naturally Lydia movies towards BFF Allison, until Deaton directed her to Stiles, and left Allison looking innocently – or rather with guilt – at Scott upon realising her tether and connection would be Isaac! And off the went … into the deep.

scotts dad

PAUSE! Before the kids took the complete ice plunge, Stiles told Scott that his dad was in town, and we later stood staring at our screens when we realised that Scott’s dad was none other than the FBI agent hounding Stiles throughout the day for answers about the missing Sheriff and absent school students!

So there we have it … a crazy, explosive penultimate episode that can only lead to a CRAZY, EXPLOSIVE mid-season Summer finale tonight?

What answers will Allison, Stiles and Scott find on the other side?

Will they be able to save their parents from the Darach?

How will Derek cope with his alpha-status demotion?

What mischief will Deucalion and his gang get up to tonight?

For answers and a first look at the Winter season, tune in to MTV tonight.

Here is a promo of the finale … while you wait for the moon to come up!

Teen Wolf’s Winter Season returns on January 6, 2014! Something tells us it will be a long wait!

Don’t forget to comeback in the next few days as we cover the agonizing cliffhangers from the finale tonight – because, come on … there will definitely be some cliffhangers tonight!