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PLL Summer Finale: What Can We Expect? [Spoilers]

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Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars had us on the edge of our seats, and next week’s summer finale promises even more.

Here’s a little recap of last night’s episode, which had some major OMG moments:

Red Coat: We saw the coat, and we might have seen her.  The writers have been leading us to think that Red Coat is Cece Drake, and after this episode, there was some pretty solid evidence. Cece was seen in a room covered in Ali’s photos, on the phone to a mystery person (fans seem to think Wren, but whoever it is, it shows she’s working with someone!). And of course, the thing that set our hearts racing… The red coat on her chair.
Later on in the ep, Red Coat is spotted at the Hoe Down… The girls attempt to catch her, and end up with the coat. Cece is later seen wearing black instead (lose your coat, Cece?) and eavesdropping on Ezria. My, my. Cece is definitely up to something, but whether she is in fact ‘A’ or even ‘Red Coat’, we will have to wait until next Tuesday to find out!

Ezria: Emily gets Aria to finally talk to Ezra so he can open up to someone about all of his troubles. Jake has a few words with him, which leads Ezra to back off a little, but Aria turns up at his apartment and the episode ends with a heart-touching hand-holding moment for the former lovers. And while Aria and Jake shared the cutest little country dance, I think I will always ship Ezria.

Travis: New boy on the scene, and is that ever a good thing? Can we trust this boy, who, believe it or not, actually begins the episode stalking Hanna? But he may just save the day, as apparently, he was there the night of Wilden’s shooting and could be a great help in Ashley’s case if he can testify that she left before he heard gunshots.

Spoby: With Spencer desperately wanting to protect Toby from falling deep into ‘A’s traps, she tells her friends about Toby’s mother. He is hurt that she chose them over him… They better kiss and make up next episode! It’s been, like, forever since I saw those two getting hot and heavy.

Now moving onto what is to come. Here’s what we already know about the summer finale, dubbed #WorldWarA by viewers and ABC Family:

Is Emily okay?! Carla is back, and so is Ravenswood! Spencer said ‘She’ – Does she mean Cece? OMG. It just looks so epic, I don’t know if I’ll survive this one…

So, the Liars are in Ravenswood. What could have led them back there? In the above sneak peek,  the girls witness a magician’s disappearing act in the aforementioned creepy town. Also, there is a lot of speculation that the magician is actually Alison. What do you think about that one?


As for the title, “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”, this probably refers to the disappearing box trick in Ravenswood. However, it could also be a sly hint at the way in which Red Coat/’A’ seem to appear and disappear. It could even refer to Ali as she tends to do the same. Or is it a direct reference to Jenna and her sight? Man, those guys are clever with their sneaky episode titles. It drives me cray cray.

And what on earth do we make of this…? Magic Eight balls. “If she goes free, you’ll hear from me. Kisses – A” Yep. I’m officially tormented by what will happen this episode. And for those Aria-is-A theorists… Aria was holding the “A” ball! I read a really convincing post that Aria could be A, saying she has a personality disorder and mental illness runs in her family. You can read it here: (All credit goes to idontneednoroad).

The PLL Facebook page also said that this episode will be the “BIGGEST.REVEAL.YET.”

And to further back this up, the official PLL Twitter page tweeted the poster below… Could this mean that the reveal will be the identity/identities of Red Coat?

The fact that Red Coat is to be revealed this episode raises even more questions about Cece and her actions in 4×11. Does this mean she isn’t Red Coat? Ahh.

Travis, who was introduced last episode, was featured in another sneak peek from #WorldWarA… Do you think he helps Ashley’s case, or not?

And if all of that wasn’t enough, Marlene has given us plenty of teasers:

You heard her. EPIC. But did we really expect any less?

Yeah… I’m pretty sure this episode will send me into a coma until the Halloween episode.

OMG. All these questions that keep me up at night… They might actually get answered! We’re finally going to know!

Also, Keegan talks about the finale in this article here if you really want to torture yourselves some more:

I am just dying. I can’t wait another week! Can you? Share your #WorldWarA and Red Coat theories with us over on Facebook and Twitter!