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Vampire Academy: Release Date Changes

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Earlier this week, rumors began circulating from various sources that the release date for the UK had been moved back a few months. After the change was confirmed by eOne, the UK distributors, that the release would no longer be Feb 19th, but in fact in April… outrage followed.

And whilst UK fans are campaigning to get their release date back, a new release date change has been announced.

Vampire Academy will release a week earlier in the US, on Feb 7th.

Despite heavy marketing for the Valentine’s Day release, the decision has made US fans very happy, who now only have 3 weeks to wait. Check out these reactions from the #VAfamily on Twitter.

But while some are happier, some are feeling even more dejected than they were before. Fans feel sorry for the UK.

And some are just mad. Where just a week ago the fandom was happy, now it seems it’s divided.

A full list of release dates for your country can be found here, on IMDb.

Vampire Academy release date nears

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A very exciting New Year’s for the #VAfamily as they got their first official clip from the upcoming movie.

Our thoughts

Sami has nailed it. She’s got all sides of Mia we were hoping she would achieve. That vulnerability bubbling under the bitchy surface. I hope that settles people’s angst over her hair – we love this Mia!

Okay… DRAGOZERA FEELS. Lucy as Lissa gave us chills.  And the way Christian protects her?

Dominic is just perfect. Defensive and sexy. Swoon…

Rose! The way she just swoops in there… Zoey is absolutely flawless. #HathawaySwag

And of course, the Rose-Mia punch to the nose. This clip was edited, so we can’t wait to see the full scene! A fan-favorite on the big screen. 🙂


“I’ll fire-magic you into ASH!”

“Allow me, Mr Ozera.”

“Why are you Dragomirs SUCH drags?!”

With just over a month left to wait until this highly anticipated movie hits the cinemas, we are very happy with this first look at footage!

Thank you to Lucy Fry Source for uploading the clip for international viewers.

Vampire Academy Theatrical Trailer

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The thing with God’s Green Earth is that when it is night time in half the world, the other side is still rocking on. But things like these are only trivial for fans of Vampire Academy who all convened at the launch of the theatrical trailer and boy was it GOOD!!

Check out the trailer below in FULL HD!



So we start off with the sounds of crickets in the background


And we move to the fridge – part of the opening sequence in the book.


Soon we are whisked away to the beautiful backdrop of Montana, the setting for the Academy.


The gorgeous, regal Lissa Dragomir and guys, the cat is too cute – but it is looking right at US!


Here is the Academy you guys, the beautiful Charterhouse School in Surrey and damn it looks magical!


Flocking to the Church at night, the lighting is freaking amazing!




WHOA! VIKTOR …. What happened to you?

Lets meet the FACULTY!

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GUYS!! The only thing I’m taking from above is Danila’s accent when he says ”Insubordinate” … OMG! FEELS” SWOONIN! HALP


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From Jesse trying to have his way, to Dimitri’s *SWOOOOON* gaze, Mason’s fighting skills to Aaron’s puppy dog eyes and Christian stealing the spotlight …. it’s going to be a busy film!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, Rose is one of a kind … her lines from the trailer are witty, her expressions are fierce and her passion (while dancing with Jesse or lusting with Dimitri) are OFF THE CHARTS!

ALSO YOU GUYS … THE LINE “So I heard you can take two guys at once” IS FROM THE BOOK!!!!


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Contrary to popular belief, Dimitri can be found lurking around throughout the trailer!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The still of Christian on the ground trying to use fire looks like its from the climax scenes.


OKAY! Notice Rose’s eyes? They are glazed over – she is inside Lissa’s Head!!!!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OMG you guys, SHIZZ is going down in Vampire Academy! We’d already seen some action sequences in the first teaser, and this trailer brought us a whole lot more! Can you feel your pulse getting fast?! OMG LIKE ZOMG!

I mean … look at the reaction this screencap of Dimitri Belikov got!!

BZoyRjZCEAEf8KC.jpg large

AND BAM …. That is Vampire Academy … the first one! Set in a high school, with hot boys, mean girls, and BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! Add to that hot Russian mentor, a crazy supernatural world, all the action and mystery … and we are set for the most EPIC YA adaptation of 2014!!

You guys … I want the film out NOW, but our wait is less than three months, so maybe I’ll hang on!

Check out some cast reactions to the trailer (which is basically these two fooling around and not realizing they are both in love with Lissa Dragomir!)

And finally, check out the songs from the trailer:

“Kill of the Night” by Gin Wigmore

“Matangi” by M.I.A.

What are your thoughts on the new trailer?

Wednesday TV Tonight!

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Plenty of your old favourite shows are coming back tonight, along with a couple of new comedies!

Returning Shows

Modern Family

Everyone’s favourite family and recent Best Comedy Emmy winner Modern Family, are back  for round 5! Check up on the Pritchetts Sr. and Jr. and the Dunphys as the bring you laughs and more! Don’t forget to catch Vampire Academy‘s Sarah Hyland, fresh back from her London trip, stars as Haley. Check out the Modern Family gif below! Will you be tuning in tonight for the 1 hour season premiere?



Catch the second season of the hit post-apocalyptic show and follow Charlie and Miles as they battle through the cities, escaping other people, out to get them – yeah, I haven’t watched this show in a long time, and I need to catch up!

Also back tonight are Criminal Minds, The X Factor, American Idol, The Middle and Nashville.

New Shows

Back in the Game

This comedy stars Maggie Lawson, a former All-Star softball player, who has to return to live with her father (James Gaan) and decides to coach her son’s Little League team full of misfits. Check out the trailer below. Will you be tuning in?

Super Fun Night

Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect) stars in this comedy where three singe friends set aside time every Friday night to have some fun, until Wilson’s character befriends an attorney and they take the Friday night game to a whole new level! The comedy actually makes its debut next Wednesday night, on October 2, 2013. Check out the trailer below. Will you be watching the show?

Also premiering next Wednesday is drama Ironside starring Blair Underwood as a wheelchair bound detective who pushes and prods his team on the way to solving crimes.

Let us know which shows you watched, what impressed you and what was a disappointment! Check back again tomorrow as we cover the returning and premiering shows for Thursday night!

15 “Vampire Academy” GIFs

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So if you watched the five “Vampire Academy” cast videos that were released this week, you would notice that the cast is quite animated! What better way to celebrate their awesomeness than to immortalize their actions in the form of GIFs! Here are some exclusive “Vampire Academy” GIFs brought to you by us! Enjoy ….

Lucy seems to be in awe of her ‘vampire-y’ world!

Sarah has just had an awesome time filming “Vampire Academy”.

So, we’ve all heard the term “boys will be boys” … and here is your proof!

But then they go and do those things which make us stop midway in our eye-roll and completely fall for their charms!

And Zoey … Zoey, Zoey, Zoey!! She is so animated and so full of energy, that we couldn’t help but create four gifs, only for her!

Zoey described a few embarrassing moments on the set of Vampire Academy.



And here are some that can be used to describe plenty other, random moments!



We’ve noticed a serious lack of Danila! So lets wake him up …. (gif taken from tumblr and from Danila’s Russian movie – Soulless)


and watch him walk towards us …


Oh … and while we wait for him to get here (with all his Vampire Academy related interviews and trailer footage), lets enjoy this serious Dragozera makeout session ….


We hope you enjoyed these GIFs … stay tuned as we bring you more fanart, memes and gifs from across all fandoms, now lets fangirl together!


(source for #fangirling HIMYM gif above – tumblr)

And … as a bonus … check out this page on tumblr with gifs of the cast introducing themselves in the videos!

“Vampire Academy” Cast Answers Questions!

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This past week, Penguin Teen Australia released five videos of the Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters cast answering a fan question, chosen through a competition run by StudioCanal Australia, the Australian distributors.

First up on Monday was Lucy Fry, who spoke about the preparations she underwent to transform from an “Aussie Beach Babe” to “Moroi Vampire Princess”. She prepared for her role by covering up at the beach and underwent dialect training for her English accent as well as took some acting classes to help portray the troubled character of Lissa. She also wore jade green eye contacts which made her vision green. Watch Lucy Fry be graceful like a princess below.

Tuesday’s video reveal was Dominic Sherwood who spoke about what attracted him to play the role of Christian and what was his favourite part about the character. Dom stated that the little boy (boys will be boys!!) in him was excited to play a vampire, who could also control fire and who falls in love with a princess (aaaawwww!!!) and that his favourite thing about Christian was that he was incredibly sardonic and sarcastic, he is funny, but the humour comes from a dark place (you guys, Dom really GETS Christian!!!). Watch Dom speak below and swoon along with us.

Next up on Wednesday, was Sarah Hyland’s video reveal. Sarah plays Natalie in the film, and spoke about her filming experience stating that it was really fun to play a vampire, to shoot in London and to have made great friends on the set! Watch Sarah be bubbly and cute in the video below.

On Thursday, it was Cameron Monaghan’s video reveal. Cameron plays dhampir novice Mason in the film and spoke about fight training preparation he did before filming began! He also added “its always nice to have an excuse to play with knives and stuff” (boys will definitely always be boys!!!).  Cameron also admitted that even though he prepared with hand to hand combat and with stakes, Zoey and Danila could probably still kick his butt (aaawww!!). Watch Cameron be a cutie in the video below!!

The final video reveal on Friday was Zoey Deutch’s, who recalled two awkward and embarrassing moments during the making of the film! She first recalled a moment while filming an action scene, when she was running backwards and fell on her tailbone (aaaawww, Zoey!!!). Watch her video and listen to her recount her stories below! (Spoiler Alert in case you haven’t finished the first book)


Unfortunately Danila Kozlovsky (who plays Dimitri) was busy filming scenes and could not film a similar video! Don’t worry fangirls and boys, they are saving his moments for later, as they say, the leaving the best for last!! In the meantime … enjoy this GIF of Dimitri Belikov walking away from an explosion!


For more GIFs (from the above interview videos), check out our GIFs section!

MTV Video Music Awards WW Timings

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We’ve all been voting, and all been waiting, and it’s finally here: The 30th annual MTV Video Music Awards 2013.

But when can we watch it? Luckily, we have your time zones sorted right here:

The Red Carpet

Los Angeles –  5 PM
New York – 8 PM
Rio de Janeiro – 9 PM
London – 1 AM (August 26)
Western Europe – 2 AM (August 26)
Greece – 3 AM (August 26)
Moscow/UAE – 4 AM (August 26)
India – 5:30 AM (August 26)
Philippines/Western Australia – 8 AM (26th August)
Eastern Australia – 10 AM (August 26)
New Zealand – 12 PM (August 26)

The Show

Los Angeles –  6 PM
New York – 9 PM
Rio de Janeiro – 10 PM
London – 2 AM (August 26)
Western Europe – 3 AM (August 26)
Greece – 4 AM (August 26)
Moscow/UAE – 5 AM (August 26)
India – 6:30 AM (August 26)
Philippines/Western Australia – 9 AM (26th August)
Eastern Australia – 11 AM (August 26)
New Zealand – 1 PM (August 26)

For a specific time for your location, please find that here.
For a full list of the awards and performances you can expect to see on Sunday, click here.

For those of you living outside of the US, you can watch the LIVE feed on USTREAM!

Our friends at Her Royal Guardian have found  two more links for international fans – make sure you check them out – here!

Vampire Academy and Divergent fans can also keep their eyes peeled for stars Zoey Deutch, Sarah Hyland and Shailene Woodley as they will be seated next to One Direction. Also, don’t forget to watch out for that extended first look at the Divergent movie!


Picture Source – Just Jared