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Vampire Academy release date nears

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A very exciting New Year’s for the #VAfamily as they got their first official clip from the upcoming movie.

Our thoughts

Sami has nailed it. She’s got all sides of Mia we were hoping she would achieve. That vulnerability bubbling under the bitchy surface. I hope that settles people’s angst over her hair – we love this Mia!

Okay… DRAGOZERA FEELS. Lucy as Lissa gave us chills.  And the way Christian protects her?

Dominic is just perfect. Defensive and sexy. Swoon…

Rose! The way she just swoops in there… Zoey is absolutely flawless. #HathawaySwag

And of course, the Rose-Mia punch to the nose. This clip was edited, so we can’t wait to see the full scene! A fan-favorite on the big screen. 🙂


“I’ll fire-magic you into ASH!”

“Allow me, Mr Ozera.”

“Why are you Dragomirs SUCH drags?!”

With just over a month left to wait until this highly anticipated movie hits the cinemas, we are very happy with this first look at footage!

Thank you to Lucy Fry Source for uploading the clip for international viewers.

Vampire Academy Theatrical Trailer

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The thing with God’s Green Earth is that when it is night time in half the world, the other side is still rocking on. But things like these are only trivial for fans of Vampire Academy who all convened at the launch of the theatrical trailer and boy was it GOOD!!

Check out the trailer below in FULL HD!



So we start off with the sounds of crickets in the background


And we move to the fridge – part of the opening sequence in the book.


Soon we are whisked away to the beautiful backdrop of Montana, the setting for the Academy.


The gorgeous, regal Lissa Dragomir and guys, the cat is too cute – but it is looking right at US!


Here is the Academy you guys, the beautiful Charterhouse School in Surrey and damn it looks magical!


Flocking to the Church at night, the lighting is freaking amazing!




WHOA! VIKTOR …. What happened to you?

Lets meet the FACULTY!

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GUYS!! The only thing I’m taking from above is Danila’s accent when he says ”Insubordinate” … OMG! FEELS” SWOONIN! HALP


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From Jesse trying to have his way, to Dimitri’s *SWOOOOON* gaze, Mason’s fighting skills to Aaron’s puppy dog eyes and Christian stealing the spotlight …. it’s going to be a busy film!


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So, Rose is one of a kind … her lines from the trailer are witty, her expressions are fierce and her passion (while dancing with Jesse or lusting with Dimitri) are OFF THE CHARTS!

ALSO YOU GUYS … THE LINE “So I heard you can take two guys at once” IS FROM THE BOOK!!!!


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Contrary to popular belief, Dimitri can be found lurking around throughout the trailer!


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The still of Christian on the ground trying to use fire looks like its from the climax scenes.


OKAY! Notice Rose’s eyes? They are glazed over – she is inside Lissa’s Head!!!!!


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OMG you guys, SHIZZ is going down in Vampire Academy! We’d already seen some action sequences in the first teaser, and this trailer brought us a whole lot more! Can you feel your pulse getting fast?! OMG LIKE ZOMG!

I mean … look at the reaction this screencap of Dimitri Belikov got!!

BZoyRjZCEAEf8KC.jpg large

AND BAM …. That is Vampire Academy … the first one! Set in a high school, with hot boys, mean girls, and BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! Add to that hot Russian mentor, a crazy supernatural world, all the action and mystery … and we are set for the most EPIC YA adaptation of 2014!!

You guys … I want the film out NOW, but our wait is less than three months, so maybe I’ll hang on!

Check out some cast reactions to the trailer (which is basically these two fooling around and not realizing they are both in love with Lissa Dragomir!)

And finally, check out the songs from the trailer:

“Kill of the Night” by Gin Wigmore

“Matangi” by M.I.A.

What are your thoughts on the new trailer?

VA Party Week! (Including first trailer)

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We’ve had set visits, the first Fiery Heart book trailer (with the second one to come in a few days’ time), a new official poster, cast interviews and appearances (Comic Con)… It’s been one exciting week for sure.

And here we end it, with the first, full, official, magnificent trailer of our eagerly-anticipated Vampire Academy film adaptation. The moment we have all been waiting for since we first picked up the original book…

HOLY MOROI. I can’t even. How am I breathing I just OMG. So… Yeah. I’m totally handling all of these feels in a cool and collected manner. Mm-hmm. Just… Excuse me while I die from fangirling too much.

We will definitely be decoding the entire thing sometime this week, so be sure to check back with us again soon!

If you’ve survived this week, that is! #ShadowKissed

Vampire Academy Movie: Behind the Scenes!

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Wow, you guys. This post may just kill you.

So, the other day we all freaked out because Entertainment Tonight were lucky enough to go behind-the-scenes of Vampire Academy this summer, and released a promo for that segment here:

And tonight, the full coverage gave some amazing insight into the movie, due to come out February next year.

For the full ET article, click here.

But not only that – MTV have also just released their set visit! Check that out below, it’s just amazing.

I can’t even handle the feels right now.

Can you?

Massive thank you to members of the #VAfamily for uploading the clips for international fans.

The Fiery Heart: First Trailer

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And the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Drum roll please!

Here it is! The first book trailer for The Fiery Heart, by Richelle Mead!


Nic Wheeler plays our gorgeous Adrian Ivashkov alongside Daisy Masterman portraying the lovely Sydney Sage.

I could watch these two make out ALL day!

…If that wasn’t so creepy.

So, what did you think? And how excited does this make you for November 19th?!

And if you missed our previous posts, you can reads Chapters 1 and 2 right now 🙂

Also, check out Bloodlines on Twitter for all the latest info on the series!

Vampire Academy Discussions!

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We are very pleased to take part in two “Vampire Academy” based discussions going on at Her Royal Guardian and Fans of Vampire Academy!

A word of warning though before you proceed – spoilers ahead from all six Vampire Academy books as well as minor spoilers from Bloodlines, the spin-off series. So only proceed, if you have read them all. If you haven’t read all the books – then what are you waiting for? Less than six months before the film is released! Get to it!


Her Royal Guardian is publishing a “Chapter by Chapter” discussion of “Vampire Academy”. With 24 chapters in the book, and 24 weeks until the movie, it seems like a great idea for fansites to discuss a chapter each week and add what we can hope to see in the upcoming adaptation.

The first two chapters have been discussed so far. This week, Fangirling Central joined in the discussion for Chapter 2. Some excerpts from our discussion are given below –

“I’m interested to see how they portray the spirit bond (if they do this on the plane scene), and I desperately want them to show Dimitri’s molnijas, but perhaps not until it can be explained later on. Like in training, maybe.”

“The ‘walk of shame’ through the cafeteria is also an important scene in the context of being a ‘high school’ film and the showdown with Kirova has already been hinted to in the teaser with Rose looking defiant. Kirova reprimands the girls, especially Rose and only agrees to keep her as a student when Dimitri agrees to mentor her.”

You can read the rest of our discussion as well as the views from other fansites, and drop in your opinions about the Chapter – here!

To read the discussion on Chapter 1, click – here!

Check back every Wednesday to read the latest Chapter Discussions!


Over at Fans of Vampire Academy, a character chat is going on, with 30 characters chosen randomly each week!

Week 1: To read the discussion on Lissa Dragomir, click – here!

Week 2: To read the discussion on Tasha Ozera, click – here!

Week 3: For next week, the character of Queen Tatiana is up for discussion!

Make sure to check back next Friday or Saturday to read the discussions (which are also translated into French), and if you want to take part in the ‘character chat’ all you need to do is contact “Fans of Vampire Academy” through their website or on twitter – @FansofVA.

We hope you enjoy the discussions and join in too, as we count down to the release of Vampire Academy!

The Fiery Heart: Chapter 2

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fiery heart

Today, Richelle Mead kindly, and rather unexpectedly, shared the second chapter from her upcoming book, The Fiery Heart, the 4th in her Vampire Academy spin-off series: Bloodlines.

While news of the 5th book in the series came out this week, the title finally being revealed to be the ever-cryptic ‘Silver Shadows’, we also were treated to the first chapter in Adrian’s POV not too long ago.

This one is in Sydney’s POV, and deals with Sydney’s finding out that her parents are divorcing, as well as Sydney thinking about Adrian (who wouldn’t?), as well as being initiated into her coven. You have you read it to understand it!

So, without further delay, here it is!

(as originally posted in the MTV article here:

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