Our fave shows return this week!

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We’ve already welcomed back The Big Bang Theory, Revenge and more last week. What else does January have in store for us fangirls?

Monday 6th January

Teen Wolf

Tuesday 7th January

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D

Pretty Little Liars


Wednesday 8th January

American Horror Story

Look out this month for The Originals, Reign, The Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead – all returning to our screens after their feels-filled mid-season finales! 

28 Questions we want answers to in Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars returns in a few weeks’ time with the pilot episode of its edgy spin-off Ravenswood, both to come October 22nd. But while we wait eagerly, here’s some questions that the first half of Season 4 has left us with…

  1. So, Ali is alive then?
  2. If she is, HOW?
  3. If she isn’t, who killed her?
  4. Was Ali the second redcoat?
  5. Where did CeCe disappear to?
  6. And speaking of disappearing, will we see Jason again soon?
  7. Are Melissa and Wren hooking up again?
  8. Or are they both secretly evil?
  9. Why is Wren creeping us out lately?
  10. And speaking of evil, why is Ezra a baddie?
  11. So, he’s ‘A’ then?
  12. Is there only one ‘A’?
  13. Did he ever love Aria?
  14. Is Aria gonna dump Jake?
  15. Will Ezria make things work? We know Marlene ships them like crazy.
  16. And speaking of ships, Caleb isn’t really leaving, right?
  17. And Paige and Emily don’t really have to break up, right?
  18. And Spoby are gonna get married and have little Spoby babies, RIGHT?
  19. But seriously? Is Ezra really ‘A’? FOREVER IN DENIAL.
  20. And did he kill Ian and Wilden and all that? So many murders left unresolved in this town.
  21. Moving on… What’s going on with Mona?
  22. Can we trust her?
  23. Can we PLEASE know what’s going on with Shana soon? A little background info would be nice here and there.
  24. Like, what’s her deal with Ravenswood?
  25. And is Jenna okay?
  26. Who tried to drown her? CeCe?
  27. Why was she scared of CeCe anyway?

Most probably. So, the Halloween episode of PLL will take place in Ravenswood. Yes. We see you, Ezra. Looking mysterious and… well, hot.

And the season premiere of Ravenswood will take place immediately afterwards.

The song featured in this promo was by The Civil Wars, and is called ‘The One That Got Away’. Listen to it here.

In the meantime, are there any questions you’re dying to know the answer to? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

PLL Summer Finale: What Can We Expect? [Spoilers]

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Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars had us on the edge of our seats, and next week’s summer finale promises even more.

Here’s a little recap of last night’s episode, which had some major OMG moments:

Red Coat: We saw the coat, and we might have seen her.  The writers have been leading us to think that Red Coat is Cece Drake, and after this episode, there was some pretty solid evidence. Cece was seen in a room covered in Ali’s photos, on the phone to a mystery person (fans seem to think Wren, but whoever it is, it shows she’s working with someone!). And of course, the thing that set our hearts racing… The red coat on her chair.
Later on in the ep, Red Coat is spotted at the Hoe Down… The girls attempt to catch her, and end up with the coat. Cece is later seen wearing black instead (lose your coat, Cece?) and eavesdropping on Ezria. My, my. Cece is definitely up to something, but whether she is in fact ‘A’ or even ‘Red Coat’, we will have to wait until next Tuesday to find out!

Ezria: Emily gets Aria to finally talk to Ezra so he can open up to someone about all of his troubles. Jake has a few words with him, which leads Ezra to back off a little, but Aria turns up at his apartment and the episode ends with a heart-touching hand-holding moment for the former lovers. And while Aria and Jake shared the cutest little country dance, I think I will always ship Ezria.

Travis: New boy on the scene, and is that ever a good thing? Can we trust this boy, who, believe it or not, actually begins the episode stalking Hanna? But he may just save the day, as apparently, he was there the night of Wilden’s shooting and could be a great help in Ashley’s case if he can testify that she left before he heard gunshots.

Spoby: With Spencer desperately wanting to protect Toby from falling deep into ‘A’s traps, she tells her friends about Toby’s mother. He is hurt that she chose them over him… They better kiss and make up next episode! It’s been, like, forever since I saw those two getting hot and heavy.

Now moving onto what is to come. Here’s what we already know about the summer finale, dubbed #WorldWarA by viewers and ABC Family:

Is Emily okay?! Carla is back, and so is Ravenswood! Spencer said ‘She’ – Does she mean Cece? OMG. It just looks so epic, I don’t know if I’ll survive this one…

So, the Liars are in Ravenswood. What could have led them back there? In the above sneak peek,  the girls witness a magician’s disappearing act in the aforementioned creepy town. Also, there is a lot of speculation that the magician is actually Alison. What do you think about that one?


As for the title, “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”, this probably refers to the disappearing box trick in Ravenswood. However, it could also be a sly hint at the way in which Red Coat/’A’ seem to appear and disappear. It could even refer to Ali as she tends to do the same. Or is it a direct reference to Jenna and her sight? Man, those guys are clever with their sneaky episode titles. It drives me cray cray.

And what on earth do we make of this…? Magic Eight balls. “If she goes free, you’ll hear from me. Kisses – A” Yep. I’m officially tormented by what will happen this episode. And for those Aria-is-A theorists… Aria was holding the “A” ball! I read a really convincing post that Aria could be A, saying she has a personality disorder and mental illness runs in her family. You can read it here: (All credit goes to idontneednoroad).

The PLL Facebook page also said that this episode will be the “BIGGEST.REVEAL.YET.”

And to further back this up, the official PLL Twitter page tweeted the poster below… Could this mean that the reveal will be the identity/identities of Red Coat?

The fact that Red Coat is to be revealed this episode raises even more questions about Cece and her actions in 4×11. Does this mean she isn’t Red Coat? Ahh.

Travis, who was introduced last episode, was featured in another sneak peek from #WorldWarA… Do you think he helps Ashley’s case, or not?

And if all of that wasn’t enough, Marlene has given us plenty of teasers:

You heard her. EPIC. But did we really expect any less?

Yeah… I’m pretty sure this episode will send me into a coma until the Halloween episode.

OMG. All these questions that keep me up at night… They might actually get answered! We’re finally going to know!

Also, Keegan talks about the finale in this article here if you really want to torture yourselves some more:

I am just dying. I can’t wait another week! Can you? Share your #WorldWarA and Red Coat theories with us over on Facebook and Twitter!

Recap: Pretty Little Liars: Crash and Burn, Girl! [Beware: Spoilers]

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As soon as we saw the title, we knew we were in for a ride last night.

Short recap:
Toby and Caleb bromance
Someone from 4.01 makes an appearance
Things aren’t looking good for Ashley Marin…
Ezria moments
Where is Shana?
No Ali appearances (that we know of)

Complete recap:
8:03 Emily and Spencer are washing up at the Marin household. Emily’s shoulder proves to still be in pain.  Sweet moment = Aria says they are in this together. Cue a cute hand holding. Looks like the girls are getting back on track after the Spoby/RV revelation.

8:05 Hanna is upstairs on the phone to Caleb. Cute Haleb moment, with Caleb saying “You’re not gonna lose me”. He then hangs up to reveal he and Toby are hanging out. Toby offers him “Coffee?”. COFFEE. NOT TEA. Remember ‘A’ was seen drinking tea in 4.05?
It turns out they have teamed up to crack the ‘A’ mystery, revealing a board of locations and names, among those including: Shana, Melissa, and Wilden. I want this board. I feel like the answer is on it somewhere.

8:07 Emily’s mom is on the phone discussing insurance, and, as seen in the sneak peak, she talks to Emily about a series of injections that could help Em’s shoulder. She has an appointment at 3:45.

8:09 Also seen in a sneak peak, Aria questions Mike’s whereabouts when Connor’s car was vandalised. He states he plays lacrosse, and the assailant probably used a “bat, a pipe or a sledgehammer.” Clue?

8:11 Hanna visits Ashley in jail and Hanna discusses her trial outfit. Ashley says she wants her watch, and for Hanna to check the ‘top tray’ for it. Is this important? But Hanna reminds her she isn’t allowed jewellery. Hanna says that she’s gonna get out of jail and they could go on a ski trip someday, but Ashley can’t promise her that. Ashley ends the scene crying. #PoorAshley

8:13 Back to Toby and Caleb and their brewing bromance – they are checking out Pennsylvania flight records and talk about Red Coat. They both state that their girlfriends claim to have seen Ali that night (3.24). Eventually, they get a hit on a plane and decide to check it out. Caleb also finds Toby’s notes on the mysterious Radley ‘blonde girl’ but Toby snatches it away. He only trusts Spencer with that information… N’awww.

8:16 At the school now, and Emily and Hanna notice that Shana hasn’t been around. Hanna, in one of my favourite lines of the episode, says “It’s not Hogwarts” – implying she must be somewhere. Emily then snaps at some guys who appear to be gossiping about Hanna’s mom, and Ezra steps in. He and Hanna take a walk and discuss how she’s coping, and he lets her off an essay that is due. How sweet.

8:19 Still at the school, Aria is stopped on the stairs by Principal Hackett who is investigating Mike’s possible involvement in the vandalism, and the subject of Mike’s medication comes up. Aria adamantly replies that “Mike’s fine.” This scene clearly showed the power Principal Hackett has over Aria, as he towers over her. She sees him as a threat or reminder of her relationship with Ezra.


8:22 At the police department now, Emily visits her mom and steals a  key labelled ‘Wilden’ while asking her mom to print of the directions to her appointment. There is a blonde in the background. See? My eyes are always peeled.

8:24 Aria returns home, as her dad gets off the phone with the school. Mike could face being expelled. Big sad face. Aria explains about Connor, the kiss, and the Ezra rumours, and blames herself.

8:25 Hanna is dealing with things at home before her mom gets home, when Spencer visits with bad news.  Spencer worries about Hanna and tells her she overheard her mom talking. Ashley either faces voluntary manslaughter (20 years) or a first degree murder charge. And that it would be better if she had just done it in self-defense, because of their history. Oh, Ashley.

8:28 Toby and Caleb again. I’m loving their scenes. They’ve arrived at Howell Acres Flight Center and offer the person on the desk money for some information about a certain plane and its activity. He shows them the screen, but they don’t get the right evidence they need. They mention Red Coat, and the guy, Nigel, thinks they are chasing a girl. As soon as the boys leave, Nigel calls someone. He is definitely someone to watch out for… And we’ve seen him before. Do you know where? Think back to 4.01.


He escorted Jenna to Wilden’s funeral. Does this mean he knows Jenna AND Wilden?

8:31 The girls are in Wilden’s apartment, thanks to the key from the police station. There are boxers on the floor. The phone rings.

8:32 This scene is the final sneak peak, where Toby and Caleb discuss their trip and the lighter. Toby doesn’t know how Nigel knew it was foggy the night of the fire, and they link the lighter back to Nigel’s initials. What smart boys.

8:33 Back in Wilden’s apartment, the girls come across a box from a steak company called ‘Perishable’.  They find stale, raw meat inside with a note from ‘A’: Can’t wait to see you at our little BBQ. This was a big deal. Wilden was being targeted by ‘A’… And if he was, does that mean ‘A’ has something on him? What did Wilden do?


8:35 Freight Train by Sara Jackson-Holmon plays as Hanna cries and picks her outfit for her mom.  She didn’t look for the watch.

8:36 Mike is in with the principal, and Aria waits outside. Ezra finds her. Ezria moment, guys.  Ezra says ‘Mike couldn’t have done that.” Does he know this for sure? Byron comes out and tells Aria to go home, while being very civil towards Ezra.

8:38 Emily goes to return the key but finds her mom looking for it in a panic, with her superiors surrounding her. Emily stays back and overhears them say they better find it, as the camera zooms to Emily’s hands, where she holds it.

8:39 The boys are back. Toby and Caleb. I don’t know their ship name yet… Taleb? Coby? Tobeb? Anyway, they’re at the air field again and questioning Nigel, who tries to run. Suspicious move. World’s Best Bromance stop him and he reveals he was told to alter some data, because a ‘CeCe Drake’ told him to. He gets away. I love that CeCe is back, but could someone have used just used that name? Don’t trust anyone in Rosewood.

8:42 Ezra confronts the principal about his questioning of Aria and how it wasn’t the right thing to do. It is suggested that Connor’s parents want to see punishment, and Hackett would like to blame medical instability. Hackett points out that Ezra himself may be biased due to his connection with the Montgomery family…

8:44 Caleb and Toby. Lots of screen time today.  I can’t complain. They trace a number back to NY and wonder whether CeCe could have gone there. Spencer is there with Toby, and points out that CeCe was ‘afraid of Wilden’. But there are timing issues with CeCe being away, being involved in the fire, and framing Ashley for Wilden’s murder etc… Spencer also says that CeCe visited Mona in Radley. Toby pulls Spencer over to the kitchen to discuss whether CeCe could be the Radley ‘blonde’. She could have gotten Toby’s mom’s records. Don’t forget we found an ID card for CeCe at Radley. Caleb is adorable though, telling them not to make out.

8:50 Emily’s mom knows Emily rescheduled her appointment and tries to make her see how important her swimming is in terms of her future. We learn that Pam was suspended from work today. As her mom leaves, Em gets a text… From ‘A’. “I’ll make it all come crashing down.”

BREAK  – New TMI trailer was EPIC. Cassandra Clare posted it today.

8:53 Aria turns up at Ezra’s apartment to deliver a letter to say Thank You. She leaves it under the door and then bumps into our favourite English teacher. Ezria moment. She thanks him for “swooping in” after previously telling him it wasn’t his place to just swoop in and save her now. He says –are you ready?- he says: “You know there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.” She can’t handle it, and leaves, as he looks defeated. Stop torturing us and make out already, guys! The bedroom is literally a few feet away!

8:55 Hanna tells Ashley to plead it was self-defense, to which Ashley gets really upset, claiming she didn’t do it. “He didn’t get to die and leave me looking like a criminal.” I feel ya, Ash.

8:58 Nigel boils some tea (TEA!) for a mysterious person he refers to as ‘babe’.  There are glasses on the table. They look suspiciously like Jenna’s. The connection between them becomes more mystifying… What could this mean if it’s Jenna?

8:59 Emily wakes up and heads to the stairs where she overhears her mom talking to her dad about her suspension, saying it’s without pay, when suddenly…  BOOM. A car crashes straight into their house. Emily and Pam are okay, just shaken.

‘A’  – At the end of this episode, ‘A’ is seen in a hardware store purchasing a £50 gift card for home repairs for Emily. Oh, ‘A’, you have a twisted sense of humour.

Okay, what did we learn:
Nigel and Jenna have a connection, and may also be connected to CeCe
CeCe could be the Radley Blonde
Wilden was being targeted by ‘A’

A follow-up post on the promos and sneak peaks for the next episode will be coming shortly! Stay tuned! xoxo