MTV Movie Brawl 2014

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Us fangirls love events like this, but they sure can be stressful!

So, we’re down to our final four now, and it won’t be long before we’ll know this years’ most anticipated film.

In this clash of the fandoms, we’d thought we’d give you the break-down of what are sure to be the hottest movies of 2014.


This YA adaptation goes head-to-head with fellow YA franchise, Vampire Academy. Divergent tells the story of Tris, who lives in dystopian Chicago, where residents are sorted into 5 factions according to certain personality traits. But come aptitude test day, Tris is told she doesn’t belong to a single faction, making her ‘divergent’ and a threat. A threat to the perfect system. It stars familiar faces like Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, Kate Winslet and Maggie Q.


Vampire Academy

Based on the hugely popular book series, this movie tells the story of Rose Hathaway, a dhampir (half-human, half-vampire) who is training to protect her best friend, a Moroi princess: Lissa Dragomir. Dhampirs train to become ‘guardians’ to the Moroi – benevolent, magic-using, alive vampires – from the Strigoi, the undead, evil vampires. But there’s a lot more to this friendship and this story than it seems. Starring Zoey Deutch, and TV faves, Sarah Hyland and Cameron Monaghan, it’s the one to look out for.


Veronica Mars

This highly anticipated movie continues the TV series, and goes up against The Maze Runner in this epic semi-final battle. It stars Kristen Bell as Veronica, 9 years later, and now living in the Big Apple. But as she’s drawn back to her home town to solve a murder, her old sleuthing ways re-surface.


The Maze Runner

It seems 2014 is the year of YA-book adaptations as this one hits theatres later on in the year. Based on the novel by James Dashner and starring Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien, it’s sure to be a hit. This one follows Thomas, a boy who wakes up in a box in the middle of nowhere… a village called The Glade surrounded by a massive stone maze. He becomes a runner, to help figure out the maze, and a way to get out, but the question is… Who put them there in the first place?

The Maze Runner

Who do you want to see win?

Vote now!

Red Carpet at the VMAs and Divergent First Look!

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The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards are taking place tonight, and we are bringing you photos from the red carpet of all your favourite celebrities arriving at the Brooklyn Center! Plus … the first divergent trailer was unveiled during the red carpet and we have our reactions for you right here!!

You can find more pictures from the red carpet on Just Jared and Just Jared Jr and more pictures of Zoey Deutch and Sarah Hyland from the red carpet can be found here!

The Divergent trailer made its debut on the pre-show and can be watched here!

Our reactions while watching the first look are compiled below :

There you have it … we are still recovering from it!! What did you think of the first look? [One of us has yet to read it but that tattoo touching scene gave me the chills – B]

Its time to switch over to the Video Music Awards now as Lady Gaga has started her performance!

MTV’s All Access Photos + Interviews!

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Josh Horowitz from MTV chatted with Theo James and Miles Teller from Divergent and Zoey Deutch from Vampire Academy, in the lead up to the VMAs … here are some of the screen grabs!

Here are the screen grabs from the chat with Theo James and Miles Teller!

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The boys started the show with beat-boxing into the mic and then spoke about the fandom, their experiences at Comic-Con, speculation about the final book Allegiant with Theo talking about “sexy ghosts” and Miles talking about everything becoming Peter-centric! Theo also spoke about how they were doing more than 600 push ups on set and how filming the Ferris Wheel scene made him ‘pee his pants’!

Taking fan questions from twitter where they had to describe each other in one word, Miles chose ‘tan’ for Theo while Theo chose ‘long’ for Miles after some deliberation! When Theo was asked about his work on British drama “Downton Abbey”, he spoke about his character, Mr. Kemal Pamuk’s demise describing it as “If there’s a way to die, you gotta do it like that”.

Miles joked about how there was going to be “Divergent – The Musical” at the Video Music Awards saying “Diverge Me! Diverge Me” while speaking about his enthusiasm in seeing Justin Timberlake perform at the VMAs.

The full interview with Theo and Miles can be watched below –

We were obviously fangirling most of the time watching this interview, between Miles’ cute glances and Theo’s devilish charm … we just about gathered our wits to bring these photos to you and to compose ourselves for Zoey Deutch’s segment!

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Before Zoey Deutch’s interview, we had another glimpse of the Vampire Academy Teaser trailer … I don’t know about you, but I keep watching it everytime I find it embedded in an article! So Zoey got in and started talking about her audition process for the film, she had auditioned for two scenes, which were difficult for her to shoot in the film. She said she is usually very superstitious about the auditioning process and when she finally landed the role, she was excited to be able to tell her family! Zoey also spoke about how she knew of the material from before hand and that made her want to get the part even more.

Zoey spoke about the initial skepticism amongst fans of the books and admitted that she isn’t usually the ‘badass-looking’ girl but that she worked hard for the role and fans have appreciated that. She admits that she feels very close to the character of Rose now!

During the filming process, Zoey says that she wasn’t allowed to see any of the dailies, but whatever she saw, she says is very aesthetically pleasing and that she was really excited to see the teaser trailer to see what “route they were taking marketing wise.”

Josh then decided to do a breakdown of the teaser trailer and flashed up an image of Danila Kozlovsky from the teaser where Dimitri is walking towards the camera in his trademark duster, with the bike explosion behind him. Zoey spoke about being awestruck with Danila, who plays her mentor Dimitri Belikov in the film. Describing the scene Zoey said that it was from the beginning of the movie when she first sees him as he walks towards her [swoon].

The next image was of the three girls, Rose, Lissa and Natalie and Zoey’s first reaction was “Look at Sarah’s boobs … look at how hot she is.” Zoey went on to describe Sarah as being awesome in the movie and in her role as Natalie Dashkov saying “she kills it” in the movie.

The next image was of Zoey holding up the silver stake (or knife as some fans speculate) in a still from the teaser. Zoey’s first reaction “Look at the cute face I’m making.” Zoey says the fight sequences were really fun to shoot, but were emotionally and physically draining. As a fun fact, Zoey stated that she can rip away a man’s balls, making Josh Horowitz feel very uncomfortable!

When the still of the lust charm scene appeared, Zoey started screaming for her mother, jokingly saying “they are making me feel weird.” She said that the scene wasn’t awkward to film because Danila was such a gentleman on set adding “because he is so hot and steamy” when told that the lust charm scene was the fan favourite. Zoey went on to say that “everyone should be more like Danila” and that “he is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met,” adding that he has “worked on a lot of films where he’s had to do much more intimate things” and “he was very giving …” quickly adding “that sounds wrong” and stating that “he was very respectful of me.”

It is interesting to note that the two did not have a screen test because they share such a chemistry in the released still and teaser and Zoey admitted that they do have a lot of chemistry. She says that Danila can share chemisty even with a carpet and that they became best friends from the first day they met. She says “I felt like he was my best friend from day one, he is an amazing person and a great actor.” Speaking of co-star and on-screen BFF, Lucy Fry, Zoey said “Lucy is my best friend now … I talk to her everyday.”

Answering a fan question where Zoey was to describe Danila in three words, Zoey’s answer was “I am in love.”

Another fan question asked Zoey how she would describe Rose’s fashion style and Zoey said ”badass”, adding that she loved the costumes she wore as Rose on set and that Rose didn’t own that many clothes because she didn’t come from a rich background, and everything she had was given to her by the Academy or by Lissa’s family [she pronounced Lissa correctly – or at least the way the fandom has been pronouncing it all these years – more things to make us swoon]. Answering a fan question, Zoey said that if she was a dhampir [pronouncing it as daam-peer] in real life she would protect her sister, Maddie Deutch.

Zoey also spoke of the time she met author Richelle Mead, describing her as being so sweet and that she was so nervous that she feels like she talked too much with the author. When asked how many of the books she had read, Zoey said the first two and added she was currently reading the third, Shadow Kiss, even though she was instructed by director Mark Waters not to, as they wanted to take Rose’s development slowly, breaking it down with every movie. Zoey assured fans that the movie is very faithful to the books, as stated by the author herself, and that they really want to please the fans.

Zoey also spoke about her fondness for her mother, actress Lea Thompson and how she ended up with a huge telephone bill because of all the text messages she sent her.

In a little “vampire trivia” quiz, Zoey was shown hidden images of some of the vampires from pop culture. First up was Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) from True Blood, which Zoey answered as Ian Somerhalder (when his image popped up later, she did guess his name correctly). Zoey also took some time guessing Count Dracula from Sesame Street, confessing she had never watched the show as a child.

At the end of the interview, Zoey said she was really excited to be at her first VMAs and was looking forward to performances from Kanye West, Miley Cyrus (especially the twerking) and Lady Gaga!

You can watch Zoey’s entire interview on YouTube below, thanks to Dhampir Life!

Don’t forget to tune into the VMAs on Sundays!

MTV All Access Link + Timings!

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Hey fangirls and fanboys across all fandoms … there is a special treat for you tonight!

MTV’s All Access is bringing you a LIVE STREAM featuring MTV’s Josh Horowitz talking live with Theo James and Miles Teller (Divergent), Morgan Spurlock (Director of One Direction’s “This is Us”) and Zoey Deutch (Vampire Academy).

US peeps can watch the live stream on MTV and International peeps can watch it on ustream! Thanks to Fans of VA for the links!

The timings for each segment are below –

I – Divergent (with LIVE CHAT in the second half) – 1 Hour

Los Angeles – 3 PM
New York – 6 PM
Rio de Janeiro – 7 PM
London – 11 PM
Western Europe – 12 AM (August 25)
Greece – 1 AM (August 25)
Moscow/Dubai, UAE – 2 AM (August 25)
India – 3:30 AM (August 25)
Philippines/Western Australia – 6 AM (August 25)
Eastern Australia – 8 AM (August 25)

II – Morgan Spurlock (Director 1D’s This is Us) – 30 Minutes!

Los Angeles – 4 PM
New York – 7 PM
Rio de Janeiro – 8 PM
London – 12 AM (August 25)
Western Europe – 1 AM (August 25)
Greece – 2 AM (August 25)
Moscow/Dubai, UAE – 3 AM (August 25)
India – 4:30 AM (August 25)
Philippines/Western Australia – 7 AM (August 25)
Eastern Australia – 9 AM (August 25)

III – Zoey Deutch (Vampire Academy) – 30 Minutes!

Los Angeles – 4:30 PM
New York – 7:30 PM
Rio de Janeiro – 8:30 PM
London – 12:30 AM (August 25)
Western Europe – 1:30 AM (August 25)
Greece – 2:30 AM (August 25)
Moscow/Dubai, UAE – 3:30 AM (August 25)
India – 5 AM (August 25)
Philippines/Western Australia – 7:30 AM (August 25)
Eastern Australia – 9:30 AM (August 25)

To find your own local timings – check out the time zone converter!

Just under 7 hours to go so make sure you send in all your questions to Josh Horowitz on Twitter! Tweet him @joshuahorowitz.

Tune in tomorrow, August 25 for the live red carpet and Video Music Awards – timings here!

MTV Video Music Awards WW Timings

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We’ve all been voting, and all been waiting, and it’s finally here: The 30th annual MTV Video Music Awards 2013.

But when can we watch it? Luckily, we have your time zones sorted right here:

The Red Carpet

Los Angeles –  5 PM
New York – 8 PM
Rio de Janeiro – 9 PM
London – 1 AM (August 26)
Western Europe – 2 AM (August 26)
Greece – 3 AM (August 26)
Moscow/UAE – 4 AM (August 26)
India – 5:30 AM (August 26)
Philippines/Western Australia – 8 AM (26th August)
Eastern Australia – 10 AM (August 26)
New Zealand – 12 PM (August 26)

The Show

Los Angeles –  6 PM
New York – 9 PM
Rio de Janeiro – 10 PM
London – 2 AM (August 26)
Western Europe – 3 AM (August 26)
Greece – 4 AM (August 26)
Moscow/UAE – 5 AM (August 26)
India – 6:30 AM (August 26)
Philippines/Western Australia – 9 AM (26th August)
Eastern Australia – 11 AM (August 26)
New Zealand – 1 PM (August 26)

For a specific time for your location, please find that here.
For a full list of the awards and performances you can expect to see on Sunday, click here.

For those of you living outside of the US, you can watch the LIVE feed on USTREAM!

Our friends at Her Royal Guardian have found  two more links for international fans – make sure you check them out – here!

Vampire Academy and Divergent fans can also keep their eyes peeled for stars Zoey Deutch, Sarah Hyland and Shailene Woodley as they will be seated next to One Direction. Also, don’t forget to watch out for that extended first look at the Divergent movie!


Picture Source – Just Jared

Divergent First Look at the VMAs?

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So, the official Twitter account for Divergent let us know that something BIG will be happening at the VMAs… And I’m begging for footage and cast appearances!!

They later tweeted that we would be getting our FIRST LOOK at the movie, so I am literally just jumping up and down right now.

There’s nothing stopping you from tuning it to MTV on Sunday now, and until then… Check out this teaser from the movie! Recognise any of those clips? And OMG Four, could you just stop being hot for ONE second so I can actually focus on the rest of the teaser!?

What scenes would you like to see in upcoming trailers? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

Total Eclipse of the Howl!

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*Spoiler’s Ahead*

Teen Wolf’s explosive and action packed mid-season finale bought resolutions to some stories while teasing at what is to come in the Winter season starting January 6, 2014.


The finale picked up where episode 11 had ended. Scott, Stiles and Allison found themselves in an empty room with the base of the Nemeton tree. The three see flashbacks from their past (the first episode, the night when Scott was bit by Peter) and we realise just how much the three are connected not just because of that incident, but also because they were all near the nemeton tree on that night.


When the three finally wake up, Deaton informs them that they were under for 16 hours, and the full moon would rise in 4!


We also find Cora helping Derek recover (Derek is no longer an alpha after he helped heal Cora) and Uncle Peter misses no opportunity to remind them all of the ominous events to come.

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So while Derek and Cora try to move out of harm’s way, the ultimate showdown occurs in his apartment, between Kali and Jennifer, the Darach, who manages to kill Kali, her former … boss, as well as snaps the neck of the twins in their wolf transformation (my heart snapped too when that happened! Poor Lydia, who was witnessing these events and then screamed her banshee scream which attracted Derek back to the loft!

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Elsewhere, Stiles suffers an accident (this episode really resulted in many skipped heartbeats) and Isaac and Allison look for the parents, all the while the real showdown of the night starts taking place with Deucalion and Scott facing of Jennifer and Derek (who basically is under a love spell – I’m joking – he takes Jennifer’s side because she promises him the Deucalion is the big bad wolf and will stop at nothing until he destroys everything!)

But of course, no one is a match for the ‘Demon Wolf’ … I suppose he really is the Big Bad Wolf!

Red Riding Hood – stay away!


The full moon only lasts so long, and the ensuing lunar eclipse gives the Darach her 15 minutes of fame – look, she even dressed up for her night!

Her first target is Deucalion but Derek tricks her into giving Deucalion his sight back so he can see with his eyes the damage his actions caused when Kali almost killed her. This drains her of her powers and she asks Derek to kill Deucalion and when he refuses, she starts attacking him – until – those 15 minutes of fame are up and the moon is back to powering the wolves!

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When Jennifer traps herself within a circle of mountain ash – Scott powers through (finally) and in the process becomes a true Alpha Wolf! Woot Woot! He tells Jennifer to stop the storm or else he would kill her, but before he can actually do so, Deucalion steps forward and slashes her throat!

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And would you believe it – all is well in Beacon Hills again, as Deaton has managed to save the twin wolves and storm subsides.

Even Stiles made it through his accident! Yippie!

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Allison convinces her father to train her in the arts by quoting something in French which dad-of-the-year Chris Argent repeats “We protect those who cannot protect themselves”.

The closing montage (featuring a voice-over by Scott) shows Derek and Cora packing up and leaving their apartment, Scott’s dad making an attempt to connect and Scott himself locating his friends in school!


  1. Where is Derek going and WHY does Scott think he many not come back?
  2. We know that Adelaine Kane (the actress who plays Cora) will be appearing as the lead in CW’s “Reign” as Mary, Queen of Scots this fall – what does that mean for her continued presence on Teen Wolf in the Winter season?
  3. So Isaac and Allison? poor Scott!
  4. The twins are here to stay!! We couldn’t be happier – but now that Lydia and Aiden are an item … what happens with Stiles and that kiss from episode 11?
  5. What kind of mischief is Scott’s dad going to create in Beacon Hills? And do we really need someone from law enforcement to be in out of the loop of the supernatural going ons in town?
  6. Do you think Deucalion will stay away? What happened to the other members of his alpha pack?
  7. What kind of creatures do you think will now be ‘attracted’ to visit Beacon Hills after the gang’s little experiment with death?
  8. Do you think the threat of the Darach is over? And what about the ‘threat of Uncle Peter? — Well, these questions we can actually answer now – so scroll below!

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Its not over until its over! Jennifer managed to crawl back to the nemeton tree base, hoping to heal once again from its powers as she had done in the past – but alas, who’s wolfy hand is that – none other than Uncle Peter – SHOCKER!

Well, we all knew Uncle Peter was up to no good – he never is! So what was he doing here? Just a little something for the audience’s benefit with Jennifer confirming his plans of how he intended to steal Scott’s alpha powers and become an alpha again – Uncle Peter took offense to this word, slashed Jennifer’s throat for a final time that night and scream into the empty night about how he has always been the alpha!

So really, a ton of speculation can come from this episode especially now that we can confirm that Uncle Peter has been evil all along and this just makes the wait until January 6, 2014 … that much more unbearable!

Teen Wolf Summer Finale Tonight!

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*Mild Spoilers Ahead*

The lunar eclipse is coming tonight and its going to take the powers away from our favourite werewolves!

The Teen Wolf mid-season summer finale airs tonight and it promises to be a fire-cracker!

Last week, the closing montage of the penultimate episode left us a juicy cliffhanger, with Allison, Stiles and Scott were getting an ice-cold death bath by Isaac, Lydia and Deaton respectively, while Derek lost his alpha powers trying to save his sister Cora, and Sheriff Stilenski, Mrs. McCall and Chris Argent were trapped by the Darach in the root cellar!

Here are some crazy (by which we mean “fangirling”) moments from episode 11 “Alpha Pact” –

argent 1

Super Dad Chris Argent packs in his weapons of mass Darach destruction! We love this bad ass dad and can’t help rooting for him!


This scene was so, so, so beautiful and powerful!

Dylan O’Brien and Holland Roden are not just gorgeous, they are brilliant actors.

Not to mention that the Stiles and Lydia kiss finally happened and it was so sweet!


Later, we found out that Chris Argent isn’t only about the muscles – he always has a plan, and this time, it involved giving himself up to the Darach and leaving Allison and Isaac in the bank locker to – well – get connected [This turns out to be important later]!

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Time is running out and Cora is getting weaker, so Peter being Peter, suggests this crazy plan to Derek telling him that it will save Cora but will result in Derek losing his alpha status. Derek did not hesitate, not even with Kali’s ultimatum around the corner. Something tells me Peter is going to benefit by Derek’s demotion to beta status!

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When Deaton came up with a plan that would help save their parents, Allison, Stiles and Scott jumped into the cold ice water bath without hesitation, even when Deaton explained that they would face death for 3 seconds and will have a permanent scar of darkness in their hearts! Further, their tether to this world, the person holding them under, must have enough of a connection with the ‘drownee’ to be able to bring them back! Naturally Lydia movies towards BFF Allison, until Deaton directed her to Stiles, and left Allison looking innocently – or rather with guilt – at Scott upon realising her tether and connection would be Isaac! And off the went … into the deep.

scotts dad

PAUSE! Before the kids took the complete ice plunge, Stiles told Scott that his dad was in town, and we later stood staring at our screens when we realised that Scott’s dad was none other than the FBI agent hounding Stiles throughout the day for answers about the missing Sheriff and absent school students!

So there we have it … a crazy, explosive penultimate episode that can only lead to a CRAZY, EXPLOSIVE mid-season Summer finale tonight?

What answers will Allison, Stiles and Scott find on the other side?

Will they be able to save their parents from the Darach?

How will Derek cope with his alpha-status demotion?

What mischief will Deucalion and his gang get up to tonight?

For answers and a first look at the Winter season, tune in to MTV tonight.

Here is a promo of the finale … while you wait for the moon to come up!

Teen Wolf’s Winter Season returns on January 6, 2014! Something tells us it will be a long wait!

Don’t forget to comeback in the next few days as we cover the agonizing cliffhangers from the finale tonight – because, come on … there will definitely be some cliffhangers tonight!