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Official Trailer: “That Awkward Moment”

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We all know the popular meme “That Awkward Moment When …” and now we are getting a comedy starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan as three best friends Jason, Daniel and Mikey, respectively, who find themselves at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide “So…where is this going?”. Check out the International trailer below!


These three best friends are going to navigate some murky relationship waters!


Girl: “So I’m breaking up with you … I need somebody who doesn’t drink coffee out of a cereal bowl.”


Because Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream is the cure for all relationship problems!

Mikey (Michael): “I need it … my girl broke up with me.”

Jason (Zac): “What are you, Bridget Jones?”

Daniel (Miles): “No one gets ice cream … we are going out!”


Jason assures Mikey: “If you are single, we’ll stay single with you man!”

Uh Oh … be careful about promises you make boys!


Daniel: “We have four hours to drink like Keith Richards and still get funky!”


Mikey: “So … is this the part where we go home? Cos I’m .. not really …”

Girl: “You’re sitting on my coat!”

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But of course … they all find love somewhere!


Even if some of them aren’t ready to admit it!

Daniel: “It doesn’t mean what you think it means!”

Jason: “It doesn’t?”

Chelsea: “Oh what does our relationship mean to you?”


Mikey: “I’ve been trying to pretend that things haven’t changed!”

Daniel: “Hey come here man …”

Mikey: “Do not hug me with no pants on!”


Hang in there Mikey … something tells me, you’ll find love too!


Daniel to Jason about Chelsea: “I love the way she laughs. I love the way we fit together in bed because we are the same height, our crotches line up.”

Umm … okay … whatever floats your boat Daniel! 😉


Hopefully, the film won’t be one big awkward moment!

Check out this featurette with the cast –

While the film seems to be one of those formulaic comedies where the boys promise they won’t get into relationships and then … BAM they fall in love, it stars some really BIG up and comers like Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now, the upcoming Divergent) and Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station and rumoured to be Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four reboot) along with old favourite Zac Efron who is now reinventing himself with R-rated comedies such as this film and the upcoming “Neighbors” with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne.

The film has been written and directed by new comer Tom Gormican and is out in theatres on January 29 (UK), January 31 (USA) and February 31 in Australia where it is known as “Are We Officially Dating?” … strange! The film co-stars Imogen Poots (28 Weeks Later, the upcoming Need For Speed), Mackenzie Davis (Smashed) and Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield, the upcoming Pompeii) and is rated R!

You can follow them on Twitter @SoVeryAwkward and on Facebook!

Will you be watching “That Awkward Moment?”

MTV’s All Access Photos + Interviews!

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Josh Horowitz from MTV chatted with Theo James and Miles Teller from Divergent and Zoey Deutch from Vampire Academy, in the lead up to the VMAs … here are some of the screen grabs!

Here are the screen grabs from the chat with Theo James and Miles Teller!

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The boys started the show with beat-boxing into the mic and then spoke about the fandom, their experiences at Comic-Con, speculation about the final book Allegiant with Theo talking about “sexy ghosts” and Miles talking about everything becoming Peter-centric! Theo also spoke about how they were doing more than 600 push ups on set and how filming the Ferris Wheel scene made him ‘pee his pants’!

Taking fan questions from twitter where they had to describe each other in one word, Miles chose ‘tan’ for Theo while Theo chose ‘long’ for Miles after some deliberation! When Theo was asked about his work on British drama “Downton Abbey”, he spoke about his character, Mr. Kemal Pamuk’s demise describing it as “If there’s a way to die, you gotta do it like that”.

Miles joked about how there was going to be “Divergent – The Musical” at the Video Music Awards saying “Diverge Me! Diverge Me” while speaking about his enthusiasm in seeing Justin Timberlake perform at the VMAs.

The full interview with Theo and Miles can be watched below –

We were obviously fangirling most of the time watching this interview, between Miles’ cute glances and Theo’s devilish charm … we just about gathered our wits to bring these photos to you and to compose ourselves for Zoey Deutch’s segment!

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Before Zoey Deutch’s interview, we had another glimpse of the Vampire Academy Teaser trailer … I don’t know about you, but I keep watching it everytime I find it embedded in an article! So Zoey got in and started talking about her audition process for the film, she had auditioned for two scenes, which were difficult for her to shoot in the film. She said she is usually very superstitious about the auditioning process and when she finally landed the role, she was excited to be able to tell her family! Zoey also spoke about how she knew of the material from before hand and that made her want to get the part even more.

Zoey spoke about the initial skepticism amongst fans of the books and admitted that she isn’t usually the ‘badass-looking’ girl but that she worked hard for the role and fans have appreciated that. She admits that she feels very close to the character of Rose now!

During the filming process, Zoey says that she wasn’t allowed to see any of the dailies, but whatever she saw, she says is very aesthetically pleasing and that she was really excited to see the teaser trailer to see what “route they were taking marketing wise.”

Josh then decided to do a breakdown of the teaser trailer and flashed up an image of Danila Kozlovsky from the teaser where Dimitri is walking towards the camera in his trademark duster, with the bike explosion behind him. Zoey spoke about being awestruck with Danila, who plays her mentor Dimitri Belikov in the film. Describing the scene Zoey said that it was from the beginning of the movie when she first sees him as he walks towards her [swoon].

The next image was of the three girls, Rose, Lissa and Natalie and Zoey’s first reaction was “Look at Sarah’s boobs … look at how hot she is.” Zoey went on to describe Sarah as being awesome in the movie and in her role as Natalie Dashkov saying “she kills it” in the movie.

The next image was of Zoey holding up the silver stake (or knife as some fans speculate) in a still from the teaser. Zoey’s first reaction “Look at the cute face I’m making.” Zoey says the fight sequences were really fun to shoot, but were emotionally and physically draining. As a fun fact, Zoey stated that she can rip away a man’s balls, making Josh Horowitz feel very uncomfortable!

When the still of the lust charm scene appeared, Zoey started screaming for her mother, jokingly saying “they are making me feel weird.” She said that the scene wasn’t awkward to film because Danila was such a gentleman on set adding “because he is so hot and steamy” when told that the lust charm scene was the fan favourite. Zoey went on to say that “everyone should be more like Danila” and that “he is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met,” adding that he has “worked on a lot of films where he’s had to do much more intimate things” and “he was very giving …” quickly adding “that sounds wrong” and stating that “he was very respectful of me.”

It is interesting to note that the two did not have a screen test because they share such a chemistry in the released still and teaser and Zoey admitted that they do have a lot of chemistry. She says that Danila can share chemisty even with a carpet and that they became best friends from the first day they met. She says “I felt like he was my best friend from day one, he is an amazing person and a great actor.” Speaking of co-star and on-screen BFF, Lucy Fry, Zoey said “Lucy is my best friend now … I talk to her everyday.”

Answering a fan question where Zoey was to describe Danila in three words, Zoey’s answer was “I am in love.”

Another fan question asked Zoey how she would describe Rose’s fashion style and Zoey said ”badass”, adding that she loved the costumes she wore as Rose on set and that Rose didn’t own that many clothes because she didn’t come from a rich background, and everything she had was given to her by the Academy or by Lissa’s family [she pronounced Lissa correctly – or at least the way the fandom has been pronouncing it all these years – more things to make us swoon]. Answering a fan question, Zoey said that if she was a dhampir [pronouncing it as daam-peer] in real life she would protect her sister, Maddie Deutch.

Zoey also spoke of the time she met author Richelle Mead, describing her as being so sweet and that she was so nervous that she feels like she talked too much with the author. When asked how many of the books she had read, Zoey said the first two and added she was currently reading the third, Shadow Kiss, even though she was instructed by director Mark Waters not to, as they wanted to take Rose’s development slowly, breaking it down with every movie. Zoey assured fans that the movie is very faithful to the books, as stated by the author herself, and that they really want to please the fans.

Zoey also spoke about her fondness for her mother, actress Lea Thompson and how she ended up with a huge telephone bill because of all the text messages she sent her.

In a little “vampire trivia” quiz, Zoey was shown hidden images of some of the vampires from pop culture. First up was Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) from True Blood, which Zoey answered as Ian Somerhalder (when his image popped up later, she did guess his name correctly). Zoey also took some time guessing Count Dracula from Sesame Street, confessing she had never watched the show as a child.

At the end of the interview, Zoey said she was really excited to be at her first VMAs and was looking forward to performances from Kanye West, Miley Cyrus (especially the twerking) and Lady Gaga!

You can watch Zoey’s entire interview on YouTube below, thanks to Dhampir Life!

Don’t forget to tune into the VMAs on Sundays!