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Prepare for a “Full House” Reunion

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Yes, you read that right Full House fans, the cast of late 80s to 90s sitcom are reuniting for an advertisement to be played during the Superbowl game this Sunday. The advertisement is for Dannon’s Oikas Greek yoghurt and while John Stamos has appeared in many of their advertisements, here he will be reunited with his former Full House cast mates Bob Saget and Dave Coulier and together Uncle Jesse, Danny and Joey will be on your TV screens again! Check out the teaser below –

Here is another ad featuring the three of them where Uncle Jesse is up to no good!

The three real life friends appeared on “Good Morning America” this morning and talked about the upcoming commercial as well as their memories from the show. John Stamos said that he remembered his catchphrase “Have Mercy!” and Bob Saget talked about how he used the phrase “Ah Nuts!” that was used by the Olsen twins on the show. Dave Coulier talked about how the three still hang out together and only last week, the three friends visited Dave at his home and hung out in his backyard. John also showed off his easy to remove pants and underwear from the commercial.

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Later that night, the gang appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and performed a skit in which Danny had to comfort Jimmy (who took over the role usually played by one of the daughters on the show) who was upset about moving on to The Tonight Show. He was joined by Uncle Jesse and Joey who reenacted some of their famous acts like Jesse’s singing and Joey’s funny jokes. The skit referenced back to many of the shows most memorable moments such as Danny’s mention of “Good Morning San Francisco”, Jesse’s mentioning “Jesse and the Rippers” and singing a song as well as Joey bringing on that Popeye laugh. The cherry on the cake was the decor of the room which clearly takes us back to the girls’ rooms.

If that skit didn’t make you nostalgic, then you need to go re-watch the show. We wish the other stars could have come back for the reunion on the commercial, but more than that we wish they could all come together for a reunion episode. All of us are need that reunion … and we desperately also need a Friends reunion!

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