Wednesday TV Tonight!

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Plenty of your old favourite shows are coming back tonight, along with a couple of new comedies!

Returning Shows

Modern Family

Everyone’s favourite family and recent Best Comedy Emmy winner Modern Family, are back  for round 5! Check up on the Pritchetts Sr. and Jr. and the Dunphys as the bring you laughs and more! Don’t forget to catch Vampire Academy‘s Sarah Hyland, fresh back from her London trip, stars as Haley. Check out the Modern Family gif below! Will you be tuning in tonight for the 1 hour season premiere?



Catch the second season of the hit post-apocalyptic show and follow Charlie and Miles as they battle through the cities, escaping other people, out to get them – yeah, I haven’t watched this show in a long time, and I need to catch up!

Also back tonight are Criminal Minds, The X Factor, American Idol, The Middle and Nashville.

New Shows

Back in the Game

This comedy stars Maggie Lawson, a former All-Star softball player, who has to return to live with her father (James Gaan) and decides to coach her son’s Little League team full of misfits. Check out the trailer below. Will you be tuning in?

Super Fun Night

Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect) stars in this comedy where three singe friends set aside time every Friday night to have some fun, until Wilson’s character befriends an attorney and they take the Friday night game to a whole new level! The comedy actually makes its debut next Wednesday night, on October 2, 2013. Check out the trailer below. Will you be watching the show?

Also premiering next Wednesday is drama Ironside starring Blair Underwood as a wheelchair bound detective who pushes and prods his team on the way to solving crimes.

Let us know which shows you watched, what impressed you and what was a disappointment! Check back again tomorrow as we cover the returning and premiering shows for Thursday night!


15 “Vampire Academy” GIFs

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So if you watched the five “Vampire Academy” cast videos that were released this week, you would notice that the cast is quite animated! What better way to celebrate their awesomeness than to immortalize their actions in the form of GIFs! Here are some exclusive “Vampire Academy” GIFs brought to you by us! Enjoy ….

Lucy seems to be in awe of her ‘vampire-y’ world!

Sarah has just had an awesome time filming “Vampire Academy”.

So, we’ve all heard the term “boys will be boys” … and here is your proof!

But then they go and do those things which make us stop midway in our eye-roll and completely fall for their charms!

And Zoey … Zoey, Zoey, Zoey!! She is so animated and so full of energy, that we couldn’t help but create four gifs, only for her!

Zoey described a few embarrassing moments on the set of Vampire Academy.



And here are some that can be used to describe plenty other, random moments!



We’ve noticed a serious lack of Danila! So lets wake him up …. (gif taken from tumblr and from Danila’s Russian movie – Soulless)


and watch him walk towards us …


Oh … and while we wait for him to get here (with all his Vampire Academy related interviews and trailer footage), lets enjoy this serious Dragozera makeout session ….


We hope you enjoyed these GIFs … stay tuned as we bring you more fanart, memes and gifs from across all fandoms, now lets fangirl together!


(source for #fangirling HIMYM gif above – tumblr)

And … as a bonus … check out this page on tumblr with gifs of the cast introducing themselves in the videos!

“Vampire Academy” Cast Answers Questions!

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This past week, Penguin Teen Australia released five videos of the Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters cast answering a fan question, chosen through a competition run by StudioCanal Australia, the Australian distributors.

First up on Monday was Lucy Fry, who spoke about the preparations she underwent to transform from an “Aussie Beach Babe” to “Moroi Vampire Princess”. She prepared for her role by covering up at the beach and underwent dialect training for her English accent as well as took some acting classes to help portray the troubled character of Lissa. She also wore jade green eye contacts which made her vision green. Watch Lucy Fry be graceful like a princess below.

Tuesday’s video reveal was Dominic Sherwood who spoke about what attracted him to play the role of Christian and what was his favourite part about the character. Dom stated that the little boy (boys will be boys!!) in him was excited to play a vampire, who could also control fire and who falls in love with a princess (aaaawwww!!!) and that his favourite thing about Christian was that he was incredibly sardonic and sarcastic, he is funny, but the humour comes from a dark place (you guys, Dom really GETS Christian!!!). Watch Dom speak below and swoon along with us.

Next up on Wednesday, was Sarah Hyland’s video reveal. Sarah plays Natalie in the film, and spoke about her filming experience stating that it was really fun to play a vampire, to shoot in London and to have made great friends on the set! Watch Sarah be bubbly and cute in the video below.

On Thursday, it was Cameron Monaghan’s video reveal. Cameron plays dhampir novice Mason in the film and spoke about fight training preparation he did before filming began! He also added “its always nice to have an excuse to play with knives and stuff” (boys will definitely always be boys!!!).  Cameron also admitted that even though he prepared with hand to hand combat and with stakes, Zoey and Danila could probably still kick his butt (aaawww!!). Watch Cameron be a cutie in the video below!!

The final video reveal on Friday was Zoey Deutch’s, who recalled two awkward and embarrassing moments during the making of the film! She first recalled a moment while filming an action scene, when she was running backwards and fell on her tailbone (aaaawww, Zoey!!!). Watch her video and listen to her recount her stories below! (Spoiler Alert in case you haven’t finished the first book)


Unfortunately Danila Kozlovsky (who plays Dimitri) was busy filming scenes and could not film a similar video! Don’t worry fangirls and boys, they are saving his moments for later, as they say, the leaving the best for last!! In the meantime … enjoy this GIF of Dimitri Belikov walking away from an explosion!


For more GIFs (from the above interview videos), check out our GIFs section!