Vampire Academy: New HD Stills!

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So many VA feels! If you haven’t died yet, wait for it… This could finish you off.

EW have released 5 new HD stills from the upcoming movie, Vampire Academy, here.

Be sure to check out Director Mark Waters’ captions for some insight into these scenes.


Zoey Deutch looking badass as Rose Hathaway.

Rose”This is a little bit of a leap off the book,” teases Vampire Academy director Mark Waters, ”but Rose has a brief moment where she has a chance to kill a Strigoi, but then she hesitates because she’s still a novice, and fails to go through with it. I have to keep it a little cryptic because I don’t want to reveal too many things that happen in the movie, but it is her brief moment of trying to do something, but her training is not quite up to it yet.”


BEWARE: DRAGOZERA FEELS. Dominic Sherwood and Lucy Fry getting all snuggly as Christian and Lissa.

Christian and Lissa”If you know the story between Christian and Lissa, they have an attraction and Rose tries to sabotage the relationship,” explains Waters, ”but then when they come to the dance is when they come together for the first time and actually bend to the fact that they like each other and want to be boyfriend/girlfriend. So it’s a very nice moment where they realize they’re allowed to be together.”

Waters continues, ”Their [chemistry is] fantastic. It was interesting because Dominic Sherwood was cast very late in the game. We saw many people for the part and weren’t happy with anybody until Dominic came in at a very late juncture. This [scene] was actually shot on the first or second day of shooting. We just threw them into the fire. They start slow dancing, and [we said], ‘You’re going to kiss now.’ And they literally had only met once before. But they did it with gusto and didn’t lose any enthusiasm.”
OH EM GEE. The Romitri feels are OFF THE CHARTS on this one! Just KISS already!

kiss”This is an interesting one because there’s a running gag in the movie where Rose tries to surprise attack Dimitri, and this is the first time she tries to do it,” previews Waters. ”She says, ‘I should have had you!’ And he says, ‘Well, keep it up. Keep trying to attack. It’s good training for both of us.’ But the tension of this moment is nice because after he tackles her and pins her down, they realize, ‘Wait a second. I’m still holding you down. And we’re still really close to each other.’ It’s a bit of an uncomfortable, awkward, romantic moment when they realize that they’re this close to each other and they have to kind of quickly disengage.”


The beginning of a beautiful, albeit forbidden, romance. Zoey and Danila, ladies and gentlemen. 

training”[Dimitri is] kind of her mentor and trainer,” says Waters. ”Rose comes back to the academy after having missed a year from training and is kind of out of shape and not as impressive as she once was. But after him taking her under his wing and really busting her in training, she gets better and better at these martial-arts moves that she’ll need later.”


And with every teen movie, comes High School cliques. Aaron, Mia and Camille, played by Edward Holcroft, Sami Gayle and Bronté Norman-Terrell.

mia3”This is actually a moment right when Mia is playing a prank on Lissa,” explains Waters. ”It’s Lissa’s first day of school after coming back to the academy, and she’s leaning down to have a drink at the water fountain. And Mia — who’s a water magic user — causes the water fountain to explode and completely splatter her face and clothes.”

Thanks to both EW and Mark Waters for this amazing article!

Beware…VA feels all over the place!

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Today has been a great day for the #VAFamily. Why, would you ask? Well… We got a live chat with Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry, a challenge by Vampire Academy Official Page and a new poster. That’s right, you can start fangirling now!

Earlier today, the Vampire Academy Official Page has revealed we would be getting a surprise really soon:

As soon as this tweet hit the internet, fans couldn’t stop talking about it… What would it be? A new trailer, a poster…

And a few hours later, we had our answer:

However, the new poster (which was going to be revealed by Yahoo Movies) had been leaked earlier, and we got it before hitting the 5K. I don’t know what you think of this new poster, but let’s just say: It’s really different and original.


Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry look amazingly badass, right? Fangirling level is already high, right?

Well, that’s not all there is for today!

A few hours ago, Lucy Fry (our Lissa) and Zoey Deutch (our Rose) took part in a live chat with fans. And they were really looking like best friends, even holding hands for most of the chat…. #THEFEELS.

They talked about Danila and Dom’s kissing scenes, their first meeting, the fans, the movie…

And you can watch it right here:

It was great to learn a bit more about the movie and above all, to see our Rose and Lissa in the flesh, looking the part.

Be prepared because the VAPartyWeek continues!

MTV have also released their set visit below (it had us laughing so much) and Comic Con is tomorrow guys, at 11am EST Time/4pm UK Time, so stay tuned!

This post was written by our lovely friend who runs the Vampire Academy fansite ‘Fans of Vampire Academy‘. She also has Twitter. Check her out!