Blood Sisters

Filming on Vampire Academy wraps up!

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Yesterday we posted about how most actors had wrapped up filming on Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters this past week and you can read our full post here –

Today we bring you the news that the fat lady has sung … that means Vampire Academy has wrapped up principal photography and is now going into post-production … so don’t be emotional guys and girls, because that means official stills, teasers, trailers, interviews and the MOVIE itself!

First to wrap up yesterday was Dominic Sherwood, who plays bad boy and fire user Christian Ozera.

As the hours went on and the night took over, Sarah Hyland‘s (who plays Natalie Dashkov) boyfriend Matt Prokop took to Twitter to show that he too was waiting for her to finish.

And lo and behold … a couple of hours later, Sarah tweeted that filming was done along with a picture of chairs of Rose, Natalie and Lissa.

Official VA Movie and Zoey Deutch marked the end of filming as well –

OVAM even tweeted about heading back to LA … its a hectic life!

Lucy Fry, our Lissa Dragomir, posted a picture on Facebook on July 21, to mark the end of filming.

Lucy Fry's photo

Some extras wrapped up on July 20, too –


Filming may be over but we have some great things to look forward to! Until then …

The end of one journey is the beginning of another!

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For the last 8 weeks, since May 28, 2013, the world of “Vampire Academy” was coming to life. The talent behind the movie were filming, day and night, sharing a few Behind The Scenes photos and some cryptic tweets, making the entire fandom blow up in total excitement.

This week, cast members started wrapping up and as filming comes to an end, fans are marking this bittersweet moment and sending love to the cast and crew!

Here are some tweets from this week where cast members announced their wrap ups and congratulated each other on a job most certainly well-done!

Sami Gayle was one of the first to wrap up. The actress who plays Mia Rinaldi, wrapped up on July 16, and has already returned to USA.

Harry Bradshaw who plays Mia’s friend, Bruno, wrapped up on July 16, but was back on set on July 17, for one last visit.

Dominique Tipper, who as yet is plays a role that is not confirmed but is suspected to be that of Guardian Alberta, wrapped up on July 16.

This made Dominic Sherwood (Christian Ozera) very happy –

Nathan Shaw, who plays a dhampir, wrapped up on July 16.

Edward Holcraft who play’s Aaron, wrapped up on July 17.

When we meet Mia and Aaron in Vampire Academy, the two are dating! And look at their real-life avatars, joking around like Romeo and Juliet –

Chris Mason who plays Ray (Ralf Sarcozy) wrapped up on July 17.

Cameron Monaghan, who will play lovable dhampir Mason Ashford, wrapped up on July 18.

as usual, then Zoey Deutch (Rose Hathaway) tweeted to Cameron continuing the friendly Rose-Mason banter off-screen

Finally, OVAM tweeted to announce that Danila Kozlovsky, our Russian badass guardian Dimitri Belikov, had wrapped up shooting on July 19, giving us a peek at Dimitri’s duster and killing the fandom!

We had only recovered from the duster picture and Dimitri’s win in the YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney, when the following two tweets happened and we died again!

Then, today July 20, OVAM tweeted the following, which suggests filming may wrap up tonight itself!

This tweet from Ed to OVAM definitely seems to suggest so –

Some extras too have tweeted about wrapping up over the course of this week.

Some of the stuntmen who were part of the VA crew, finished work on Friday, June 19.

Sigh … all good things must come to an end, but only because when one journey ends, another must start!

And so, as an added bonus … here is a tweet from Olga Kurylenko, who wrapped up back on June 27.

Stay tuned for more as everyone starts wrapping up, we’ll add more congratulatory and wrap up tweets from everyone else!