What was the TMI news?

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As mentioned in our last post, the TMI fandom were due to receive some news today (Tuesday 6th August) via Y! Movies. And here it is:

Excited, much? Such an iconic scene… And done so well! I’m freaking out BIG TIME! Their chemistry… Lily is SO Clary… And Jace’s ending line… JUST WOW.

City of Bones comes out on the 21st of August in most countries, if you’re not sure when it’s released in your country, you can check here:

TMI news!

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So, Martin Moszkowicz, a member of the Executive Board of Constantin Film, left us a little tweet that has us jumping up and down…


With the premiere a week away, and the release date coming up fast, I wonder what it could be…

I guess we will find out in an hour!  And you will be needing this:  🙂


The news has been postponed until 12pm PST. Don’t worry, we will post it ASAP! They do like to tease us, don’t they?