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Top Ten Moments From “The Vampire Diaires” 100th Episode

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Can you believe we’ve been around for 100 episodes, TVD Family? It seems just like the other day when we first stepped into Mystic Falls, fell in love with the Salvatore brothers and followed Elena and the gang around on their many adventures. Last night’s 100th episode, titled “500 Years of Solitude” was all about closure for the gang, all of whose lives had been affected by Katherine’s many web of lies, deceit and betrayals, as they came to terms with her impending death. We check out our top ten moments from the episode. Tread with caution … spoilersahead (including from The Originals).

1. Break ups aren’t forever

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“Who spends two years pining after a girl to dump her?” asked Matt as Damon drank his way out of the breakup. On the other hand … Caroline seemed to be the happiest, even if Elena wanted to be left alone inside her blanket all day. However, guess who is the biggest DELENA shipper on the show? Why, it is Stefan Salvatore! Stefan asked Elena not to give up on Damon and told Damon that she was the best thing to happen to him … ladies and gentlemen … that Stefan steals a piece of my heart with every episode!

2. The TVD Drinking Game


The gang sat down and drank a shot of Bourbon for every bad thing that had happened to them because of Katherine … thereby recounting the many story lines from the past seasons! Some of our favourites are listed below –

Damon: “She pretended to be buried in the tomb for 145 years while I waited for her lying ass.”
Jeremy: “She fed me to Silas and I died … then she made me crash my car and left me for dead … again.”
Matt: “My sister is dead because of her.”
Damon: “Yes she is because I wouldn’t even have been in town to turn Vicki into a murderous vampire if I wasn’t trying to get Katherine out of a tomb … she wasn’t in. Group shot.”
Elena: “She impersonated me … repeatedly.”
Bonnie: “My grams died trying to close the tomb she wasn’t in.”
Elena: “She tried to kill me atleast twice.”
Caroline: “She did kill me … although I’m weirdly better off.”

Yes you are Caroline … except when you are being judgy about Delena and not allowing Klaroline to happen!!!

3. Klaroline Happened!

Speaking of which … it finally happened you guys! KLAROLINE HAPPENED! So while Klaus was in town to gloat over Katherine’s last hours … he ended up spending time with Caroline and then the two MADE FACE!!

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So yeah … Caroline gave in and allowed Klaroline to happen … Klaus is going to return to New Orleans a changed man … well, one can dream and hopefully, somewhere in the future more crossovers will happen allowing Caroline to travel to the French Quarter and Klaus to return to Mystic Falls (even though he promised he would never come back). Please Julie Plec … please! Let’s see this once again … in gif format!

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4. Mischievous Damon


Damon returned to his mischievous ways when he took to dream walk into Katherine’s memories that tortured her. Believing that she was the reason for every bad decision of his, he tortured her with hallucinations of Aunt Jenna stabbing her, Uncle John chopping off her fingers and even Elijah providing her with a false sense of hope only to rip it away. Damon has a personality that is both yin and yang. When Rose died of a werewolf bite in Season 2, he filled her dreams with peaceful memories, but it wouldn’t be the same for Katherine, because this is Damon, and he is still hurting inside, especially after breaking up with Elena, believing that there was no good in him.

5. Stefan’s Compassion

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When he’s not out being the Ripper, he is Stefan Salvatore, compassionate, forgiving and full of humanity. It were those reasons and not the “one night of hot sex” as Damon put it, that made Stefan want to help and console a dying Katherine. He even walked her dreams … removing the pain of seeing her slaughtered family and giving her peace by reuniting her with her infant daughter. When he drank to Katherine, it was to toast the survivor in her. He even asked Elena to give Damon a chance as she gave him and consoled Damon as the two brothers sat together for a chat after a very long time. More of these Salvatore brothers moments please!

6. The Familiar Faces!

all 3

So many of our beloved characters returned in this episode as ghosts and visitors and in memories and flashbacks.

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I was hoping that Elijah would actually come, especially since he mentioned (in The Originals) how in the last 1000 years, he had only fallen in love twice, presumably, those two loves were Celeste and Katherine.
Tyler came back, returning to Mystic Falls as a parting gift from Rebekah to Matt … and now that Caroline has kind of done the deed with Klaus … what’s it going to be like for them? And is Tyler actually done with his revenge plans?

7. This Face Matt Made …


Matt got knocked out and locked in the safe by Nadia and when Rebekah rescued him … that smiling face of his melted our hearts. As the only human being in Mystic Falls … we totally heart him! The above reaction is even better in gif form!


Source (Tumblr) | paulwelsey

8. Setting up Another Mystery

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When one issue gets resolved, ten more creep into place. That is what makes The Vampire Diaries really awesome. The past five seasons have been filled with EPIC plots, crazy twists and turns and some plain old great story telling that will hopefully continue for another five seasons and beyond. So what is this new mystery you ask? Why … it is traveler business of course. Nadia delivers the two dopplegangers, Stefan and Elena, to a house full of travelers who chant mysterious words while one of them draws blood from the two, allowing them to go once they have each delivered a bucketful of blood. Now what is this all about?

9. The Many Shades of Nina Dobrev

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We all know that Nina Dobrev is one of the best things about this show. So far she’s played three different characters, each with completely different personalities, such that you’d never mix them up. She already showed off her skills in the season 4 episode “Stand By Me” where she cries after learning of Jeremy’s death. This episode was no different, and she went from playing a scared and vulnerable Katherine to a determined and forgiving Elena.

10. That Ending …

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Speaking of Nina Dobrev’s acting … how about being in Elena’s body and pretending to be Elena because it’s actually Katherine inside! Confused? That is because the BIG TWIST of the night was that as a traveler, Katherine jumped into Elena’s body just before she died … because after all the peace she made with Nadia and Stefan and herself .. it was still not enough … she still needed to survive, and she’s a survivor. She did say that she had some unfinished business, whether this business is actually a one time thing is to be seen … for after all, it’s Katherine Pierce … and what Katherine wants … Katherine gets! I wonder how long it will be before someone notices!

All in all, it was one EPIC episode … we had plenty of fun watching it and can’t wait for the next episode. Well, only a week more to go and it seems that Elena might have a problem. Check out the promo below –

What did you think of the 100th Episode?

Our fave shows return this week!

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We’ve already welcomed back The Big Bang Theory, Revenge and more last week. What else does January have in store for us fangirls?

Monday 6th January

Teen Wolf

Tuesday 7th January

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D

Pretty Little Liars


Wednesday 8th January

American Horror Story

Look out this month for The Originals, Reign, The Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead – all returning to our screens after their feels-filled mid-season finales! 

To the Old Vampires and the New!

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Tonight, the “older” vampires return in a new show while our beloved “newer” vampires return in the old show!

The Vampire Diaries S5

The fifth season of The Vampire Diaries starts tonight and a long list of questions remain to be answered. These of course include the fate of Katherine, trapped in this world as a human; Stefan, trapped underwater in a metal safe; Bonnie, trapped in the underworld as a ghost and our resident vampires, hybrids and humans, trapped in Mystic Falls as bait! Not to mention the newcomers … do we have running bets on how long they will last? Well, we can keep guessing the fate of the new comers and how long Silas will go undetected with Stefan’s face, but we are surely HUNGRY for everything on The Vampire Diaries as they prepare for college and a new life sans any threat from the originals, but with new threats from everywhere else!

Check out this gallery of arty promotional photos for this season, released exclusively on the show’s Facebook page.

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Here are some more cast shots for season 5.

Check out the promo for this season ….

WTF is happening! Is that Silas flirting with Elena … no, it can’t be, that must be Katherine getting scrubbed after her harrowing summer as a human, who it seems is flirting back with Silas, perhaps thinking him to be Stefan!? And did Damon find out that Stefan is Silas’ doppleganger … Damon, you will have to learn how to spell that word! WE.CANNOT.WAIT!!!

The Originals S1

Noticeably missing from the Season 5 roster are previous regulars Joseph Morgan, Claire Holt and Daniel Gillies who along with The Vampire Diaries recurring alum Phoebe Tonkin join Charles Michael Davis, Daniella Pineda, Danielle Campbell and Leah Pipes in the new spin-off The Originals, premiering right after The Vampire Diaries! Check out the cast below, in their New Orleans setting!

We watched the backdoor pilot to the show back in season 4 of The Vampire Diaries, where we learned that Klaus’ protege Marcel now runs New Orleans and has a tight reign over the witches of the town. Further, we also found out that Hayley was expecting a child after a bedtime tryst with Klaus and the prospect of being a part of a family was enough to convince Elijah to abandon Katherine and run over to New Orleans, with Rebekah in tow after some convincing. The episode (and the show), while based around the premise of a pregnancy, still looked darker, and felt more gothic and grown up and it is certainly recommended that you tune in, because come on, can you really resist Klaus and Elijah? Watch an extended preview and a recap of the backdoor pilot, below!

Each year, the CW releases some fantastic arty promotional photos, and this year is no different. You’ve seen the awesome promo photos for The Vampire Diaries above, now check out the promo photos for The Originals below, released on the show’s Facebook page!

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Will you be tuning in? What are you most looking forward to?