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15 “Vampire Academy” GIFs

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So if you watched the five “Vampire Academy” cast videos that were released this week, you would notice that the cast is quite animated! What better way to celebrate their awesomeness than to immortalize their actions in the form of GIFs! Here are some exclusive “Vampire Academy” GIFs brought to you by us! Enjoy ….

Lucy seems to be in awe of her ‘vampire-y’ world!

Sarah has just had an awesome time filming “Vampire Academy”.

So, we’ve all heard the term “boys will be boys” … and here is your proof!

But then they go and do those things which make us stop midway in our eye-roll and completely fall for their charms!

And Zoey … Zoey, Zoey, Zoey!! She is so animated and so full of energy, that we couldn’t help but create four gifs, only for her!

Zoey described a few embarrassing moments on the set of Vampire Academy.



And here are some that can be used to describe plenty other, random moments!



We’ve noticed a serious lack of Danila! So lets wake him up …. (gif taken from tumblr and from Danila’s Russian movie – Soulless)


and watch him walk towards us …


Oh … and while we wait for him to get here (with all his Vampire Academy related interviews and trailer footage), lets enjoy this serious Dragozera makeout session ….


We hope you enjoyed these GIFs … stay tuned as we bring you more fanart, memes and gifs from across all fandoms, now lets fangirl together!


(source for #fangirling HIMYM gif above – tumblr)

And … as a bonus … check out this page on tumblr with gifs of the cast introducing themselves in the videos!

Vampire Academy Fanart

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In this first gallery, we have some amazing fanart from our sister-site Vampire Academy India

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This second gallery contains some amazing fanart found from all over the internet, made by some amazingly talented VA fans! You can find the links to their sources below the gallery!

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Stay tuned … more will be added to the gallery over time!

Tell us what you think in the comments below and if you’d like your art to get on here … throw us a line!


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From Hollywood to our favourite authors, they all love to torture us … mostly because when they give us a snippet, we fangirl and die! What better way to show our fangirling reactions than through memes!

This first gallery has memes from Vampire Academy India and Fangirling Central.

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Make sure you bookmark this page and stay tuned for more fandom memes as we’ll keep adding to the above gallery!

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