Why You Should Watch “Frozen”.

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This holiday season, the makers of Tangled and Wreck-it-Ralph, i.e. Walt Disney Animation Studios bring you a story unlike many other fairy tales that have been told before. Frozen is a heart-warming (despite the sub-zero weather depicted in the film) tale of two sisters and the adventures one of them goes through in order to bring back the other.

We did a post when the trailer for the film was released and included our reactions and stills from the film. The dialogues and interactions depicted in the trailer became widely popular even before the film was released and they will definitely be repeated long after the film has arrived on your DVD stores.

So why should you go watch a film about cold weather when it is already winter, you ask? Well, we give you five reasons why you should use this film to kick-off your 2013-14 holiday season!

1. A very different take on fairy tales!

Frozen has been adapted from Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen and as fairy tales usually to go, there is always a princess, a handsome prince and an evil queen/witch/sorceress out for vengeance. In the film however, there is no evil queen/witch/sorceress, instead it is the Crown Princess Elsa who is born with the gift of wielding ice magic. When Elsa loses control of her powers and runs away, her sister, Princess Anna joins forces with an ice trader and his reindeer to bring her back and restore Summer to the frozen city of Arrendale. Oh and there is also a handsome Prince involved.

Without spoiling the ending, I can say that the story highlights the importance of siblings and sisterhood, and the friendship the two share will make you want to pick up the phone and call that sibling (or BFF) and talk to them for hours. It is done in a very clever way and is a refreshing take on fairy tales of ages past.

2. The writing, the dialogues and the beautiful songs!

As mentioned above, the dialogues in this film are hilarious and the songs are beautiful and memorable. Musicals can get a bit tiresome, with song after song playing throughout the film, but in this case, as in most Disney animated films, the songs work and have been beautifully sung by the ensemble cast that consist of Hollywood and Broadway stars.

3. Olaf and the rest of the characters!

Olaf the snowman is the cutest thing EVER!!! His dreams mostly consist of wanting to experience the Sun and the Summer season, lie on a beach and swim in the sea, not realizing that he would melt and become a puddle of water. When he does start melting at one point in the film, Anna points it out to him and he simply replies saying “Some people are worth melting for.”


The characters in the film feel real and are relatable, be it awkward and hilarious Anna, quiet and reserved and wanting to be free, Queen Elsa and the charming and aloof Kristoff and his cute reindeer.

The supporting characters are well rounded off with the funny Duke of Weaseltown Weselton, the handsome Prince Hans, the lovable shop owner Oaken and the cute and adorable trolls – no, not the Internet kind!

It can definitely be said that the actors lending their voices to these characters have done a great job in bringing them alive.

4. The Animation – it is a Disney film after all!

This is a Disney animated film, and like all other Disney animated films, the animation is spectacular, especially in 3D. The beautiful landscape and city of Arrendale was recreated after the crew members visited Canada to study the reflection of snow and ice, Norway to study the landscape and architecture as well as being inspired by the winter season in Wyoming, United States. And it all shows! From the aurora borealis in the night sky to the blizzard ravaging the city to the exquisite ice castle, the visuals are a delight in the film!



5. Because it is the perfect way to kick-start the Holiday season!

Even though the film was in 3D, I sure did feel a sudden chill in the cinema as I watched Frozen. It gives you the feels as though you are there and with the Winter (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and holiday season upon us, it is the perfect feel good film to watch with your family and get into the spirit of December. After all, ’tis the season to be jolly, so sit back, relax and let the magic take over!

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