Richelle Mead’s Teaser Trailer Q&A

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The “Vampire Academy” Movie page hosted a Q&A with author Richelle Mead with fans sending in their questions about the teaser trailer.

Here is the Q&A (which was answered by the twitter page of VAOfficialMovie on behalf of Richelle Mead)

(We can’t find the question for the following two answers, but we suppose the question was about the costume designer for the film)

Richelle was kind enough to answer some more questions beyond the 30 minute mark

—– Q&A continued below —-

And then all good things really must come to an end!

You can read the Q&A in French over at Fans of Vampire Academy.

You can also watch the trailer here in full HD, on TWC’s YouTube channelΒ  … again and again and again!

What did you guys think of the Q&A? Did it help you in any doubts or would you have liked to have some other questions answered?

Until next time fangirls and fanboys!

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