Vampire Academy First Teaser Trailer: Worldwide Release Times

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How are you holding up, VAddicts? Last night was pretty tough on our fangirl hearts, so make sure you are sitting down for this one.

Richelle Mead has announced the times the full teaser trailer will go live tonight (August 14th).


Here is a list of times you can watch it around the world:

Pacific Coast (USA) – 19:30
Eastern Coast (USA) – 16:30
United Kingdom – 00:30 (15th August)
Western Australia – 7:30 (15th August)
Central Australia – 9:00 (15th August)
Eastern Australia – 9:30 (15th August)
Brazil – 20:30
India – 5:00 (15th August)
Europe – 1:30 (15th August)
Russia – 3:30 (15th August)

You can access the trailer at the above times via Yahoo Movies (Online) or on TV in the US on Entertainment Tonight! So, we have a few hours to mentally and physically prepare ourselves…


Tell us about it!

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