Vampire Academy Wrap-Up Party!

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Filming on Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters came to an end on Saturday, July 20, 2013, so it was inevitable, that there would be celebrations … and there were!

Tweets from the wrap-up party guests started appearing as soon as 11 PM UK time –


This morning, last night’s guests started tweeting about the night that was!


But the cherry on the cake was an instagram photo posted by Dominique Tipper, that broke the VA Fandom! For the first time, we had a picture of most of the main cast together, and it was absolutely amazing!


Certainly, the most EPIC picture ever!


Missing in action was of course Sami Gayle, who is already back on the set of her TV show Blue Bloods, to film the forthcoming season!


Soon after the party, there was a photoshoot, after which Sarah Hyland left for the airport.

And you know what that means … stills, posters and soon after, teasers, trailers and the movie itself!

Tell us about it!

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